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Concert Eagles of Death Metal: “I need to relive this evening” – L’Express

This Tuesday is a somewhat special day for Emmanuel Domenach. Three months after the attacks in Paris, Eagles of Death Metal will finish on Tuesday evening at the Olympia concert they played Nov. 13 at the Bataclan when the terrorists arrived, killing 90 people. The lawyer of 29 years, a survivor of the massacre, will be part of the audience.

STORIES & gt; & gt; Life after Aurélie survivor of 13 November

On November 13, the young man had managed to escape from the room quickly enough, after ten minutes, his shirt ACDC in blood, his glasses lost in panic. One of his two friends had been hit by a bullet in the stomach. On Tuesday, it’s all three they travel to Olympia, “a bit late”, after a drink, just as there are three months. With a little apprehension but also envy. On rising this morning, Emmanuel, listened Wannabee in LA , a piece of the American group that gave him a powerful energy. One who became spokesman of the Brotherhood Association and truth entrusted to a few hours of the concert.

What state of mind are you?

I do not want to expect too much from this concert or I’ll be disappointed. I am aware that I will not get better for a quick one, I’m not going to stop tomorrow morning to go see a psychiatrist and taking medication. I do not expect a miracle, I know that’s not possible. I just want to have a good concert, enjoy a maximum.

When the terrorists arrived on 13 November, I was telling myself that it was the best concert of my life. I need to relive this evening. I know it may be very hard because obviously I have a thought for the victims and the wounded who will not be there. But I think the best way to honor them is to have a good time.

Why is it important for you to be present at the concert?

For three months, I am afraid to miss things. I live with the awareness that life can end at any moment. I was taken to a concert bulimia, buying fifty seats until June. I used to go see some groups but not at this point. I need to go to concerts and tell me that it’s going well.

Jesse Hughes, singer and guitarist of the group & quot; Eagles of Death Metal & quot ;, in concert February 13, 2016 in Stockholm

Jesse Hughes, singer and guitarist of the group” Eagles of Death Metal, “in concert February 13, 2016 in Stockholm

afp.com/Vilhelm Stokstad

You have not hesitated?

In the beginning, with my two friends, it was a real issue. we said we would take our seats and that we would see when the time comes. and then, the date approached, it became more obvious, as a stage on which they could project themselves. I do not particularly fear of another terrorist attack, given the level of security it will be. I know the Olympia, I know where are emergency exits, it’s a safe room.

this is the first concert you attend?

No, I went to see the Shoes January 14 at Olympia precisely. Everything was fine until I enter the room. once in the pit, I found myself prostrate, covered from chills and took flashes. Seeing the white light, the empty stage, everything came back to me at once, even the memories I had forgotten until then. I wanted to be in front of the stage. Not to see better, but not to be hit first if terrorists were coming from behind … It’s a reflex I have all the time now, in a bar, in the subway, cinema .. . live with this hypervigilance, I anticipate a lot. My therapist told me that ideally, to prepare, would have required that I attend concerts 3-4 before tonight …

Are you able to project yourself already in the concert tonight?

Not really. I do not know at all how I will react or how to react others. It is quite disturbing to me who loves generally predict things. Did I make corn dogs to the scene or remain quietly at the bottom? I do not know. The atmosphere will inevitably particular with many psychologists in the room, and journalists outside. Basically, when you think about it for a concert of the Eagles of Death Metal, that’s completely absurd. It went from a representation of a small rock band to a global event.

Are there any songs you dread more than others, such as Kiss the devil interrupted by suicide bombers bullets?

no, not that one in particular. Already because it is not one of my favorite pieces at the base but because it stopped very quickly on 13 November. It is played just before that, the recovery of Save a Prayer , which may be difficult to hear. This song, I had it in mind in the night of November 13 to 14 and regularly since. I know it will provoke in me, as in others, a strong emotional charge.


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