Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jude Law in Calais to support the children of the “Jungle” – Release

“We must find a solution, particularly for those children. It’s shocking to think that so close to London and Paris people, especially the hundreds of unaccompanied children, live in such a terrible situation. Two thirds of the area should be evacuated, and no one knows what they will become. “ Actor Jude Law, simple, and almost unrecognizable with her gray-blue cap on his head, was in the “jungle” of Calais Sunday afternoon to support associations support migrants who are fighting for the slum is not removed as expected Wednesday morning by the prefectural authorities. The jungle has some 4,500 migrants, including around 400 children and adolescents, mostly without their parents according to the NGOs on the ground. Eight of them have sued the state in chambers Tuesday to try to avoid deportation.

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Under the dome chock full of Good Chance Theater, a cultural center installed in the jungle since October, Jude Law read a letter to David Cameron British associations (Help Refugees Citizen UK) asked the Prime Minister to host on its soil unaccompanied minors who have family in the UK, as the law permits, and to ensure that the other miners are protected by France and finally, ensure that the area south of the jungle is not destroyed before the two “urgent tasks”.

“death follows me like a shadow”

At his side, comedian Shappi Khorsandi, sitcom actor Matt Berry, Toby Jones – Claudius Hunger Games , the singer Tom Odell -who sang of Nina Simone, Tom Stoppard – the director of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead – and actresses Harriet Walter and Juliet Stevenson

Matt Berry read the letter from an Iranian 38 years. Ebrahim: “I’m in the jungle for 7 months. I left my country 16 years ago, and I have not seen my family since. In 16 years, I have not been treated human “ A British activist read of another Iranian, now arrived in Croydon, a suburb of London. ” I want live. Death follows me like a shadow in this infernal hopes jungle. “ An Afghan musician, Esmail Nazari, 29, who has ” fled the Taliban “ and lives in the jungle his wife and three children, set fire to the public with “Madar Madar,” a song about her mother. Exiles have mimed moments of their lives. “Oh, they go in the Channel Tunnel, exclaims an Afghan in the audience, God bless them!”

Haydee Sabéran (Calais)


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