Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Finest Hours is it realistic? – Point

A fifteen meter tanker broke in two. Four lifeguards on a wooden boat against the odds. A mission: bring thirty-two unharmed survivors about to sink. All this with the technology of 1952. It is the scenery planted by The Finest Hours , the new production of Disney inspired by a true story. But how this rescue story conform to the reality on the ground? To judge its authenticity, we went out to meet the rescuers of the National Society for Sea Rescue (SNSM) from Calais.

Under a wind force 7, the crew, all male, we calls to board the Our Lady of Risban . Stamp Nausicalm swallowed, we are witnessing an exercise carried out in parallel with a helicopter from the Navy. Inevitably impressive. On board the rescue ship that brought many survivors safely, Bernard Barron, head of the rescuers, his impressions. “It’s a very good movie, full of action, is the American way. And it has the advantage of being built on a true story. “

Waves as a three-storey building

In fact, the film Craig Gillespie which features Casey Affleck (Ben’s brother) in the role of chief engineer and Chris Pine (Kirk’s Star Trek ) as helmsman tells the fabulous life of SS Fort Mercer in 1952, off the United States. A rescue performed in a storm and carried out against all odds because of the courage of a handful of men ready to defy nature.

A dedication can include Bernard Barron himself for twenty rescuer -six years. But while admiring the beauty of this historic rescue our marine judge critically the way it unfolds. “The first mission of a lifeguard is to protect himself, not because he is an old salt that becomes Superman,” he says, referring to a scene- key to the film. We see Chris Pine hit the waves in a boat for less inappropriate in the circumstances. “The ship that sailed into the waves with the open windshield is the best way to ship water. It does not take a sailor to find out. Rescue conditions seem somewhat limits. This is dangerous for both rescuers and survivors. “

We are already out by hurricane

If it disapproves techniques rescue of the film, the marine accredits yet sensational weather: “They are realistic, we are already out by wind force 9, that is to say hurricane. We had hellish conditions on sandbanks, like in the movie. The waves were high as a three-story building. [...] In France and in the world, it operates on muscular rescues, but at this point … that would be really a very, very big mission, “he added.

the Finest Hour s not remains a good Hollywood entertainment love story with rose water included. “This is the story of a life, but fictionalized,” smiled the French rescuer. The proof ? “I’m in the business for almost thirty years, you never asked me to marry before going out to sea …”


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