Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Eagles of Death Metal at the Olympia: “The concert of my life” – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – November 13, 2015, in Bataclan Nicolas Stanzick was to attend the concert of the Californian group when the shooting erupted. Tuesday, February 16, it should see the stage again. It tells why.

On November 13, Nicolas Stanzick thought attend one of the concerts of the Eagles of Death Metal, the group of stoner rock American he appreciates as much riffs that schoolboy humor. A blessed moment in the carefree rock, he also shared with his wife. But the emergence of three terrorists in the room was tragically interrupted the moment. Stanzick Nicolas and his wife “made dead” to stay alive. They were unharmed in the shooting, unlike the 90 victims, but not without serious consequences.

Today Stanzick Nicolas, 37, has nevertheless decided to go back to the Eagles of Death Metal. The group will again be visiting Paris Tuesday, February 16 to “finish” his concert on November 13th. All survivors were invited to join them. A particular time that Nicolas Stanzick, journalist, author and musician, decided to participate. He explained to Le Figaro the reasons that pushed him to undertake this process, and how he prepares.

LE FIGARO. – Why do you see the Eagles of Death Metal on Tuesday, February 16 at the Olympia

Nicolas Stanzick?. – Since the attack, I am planning to see this band live. I had the immediate feeling that I can not simply ignore such an event. This is a symbolic moment, a form of catharsis to allow -not to move on – it is impossible, but to take a new step. I went with no official tribute. No denial or disapproval, but because I did not feel comfortable. A concert, it is more consistent with my personal liturgy. Be there tonight will be my way of paying tribute to those who are not increased around me, these ghosts that now accompany me every day. The concert will be in communion with the surviving victims, whose group belongs. But on the other hand, go back to Eagles of Death Metal is an ordeal for many obvious reasons. Therefore I reserve the right to decide as to my coming at the last minute.

What would make you change your mind?

I have not been back on stage since November 13. So I fear that it reactivates the trauma. And even if I can tonight to partially manage my emotions, I do not know exactly how I’m living things. And how the people around me react and the impact it will have on me. There are so many unknowns in this equation is difficult to predict it beforehand. If in the end I do not feel it, if I feel that the benefits for me will not prevail on the negative, I will not go. But I really hope not.

“It is impossible not to be scared at the mention of this concert.”

are you going to pay particular attention to security measures?

This is part of the big issues, things that actually make me doubt go. When, for example, you live every day with the feeling that at the end of the metro line that you take, you have an appointment with death, it is impossible not to be scared at the mention of concert. The idea that all over again, to be plunged again into hell, obviously, you think about it. I know that there is very little chance that it is going to be anything tonight, but it’s very hard to think rationally after what we experienced. For now, no submissions on the security device and that is legitimate. These things must remain secret in nature. But this lack of information is hard to live.

How do you prepare? Do you have for example made contact with the association Life for Paris, which has about 500 survivors?

I have contacted person for the evening. However, my wife and I met on November 15 the French Association of Victims of Terrorism, which did an outstanding job and frames for us for all our efforts. My wife will not come tonight though. He is a close friend with whom I make music that will accompany me. Although we faced exactly the same event she and I, we have seen and heard the same horrors we live each things differently and we need to rebuild our own rituals.

For me, music is paramount. I was attacked in something intimate. I have listened quickly after the attack. But that’s only three days I listen again the Eagles of Death Metal, for the concert at the Olympia. We also returned together before the Bataclan last weekend. In my memories, Bataclan is associated with the image of a mass grave in and a neighborhood in war abroad. Confront three months after the image of a closed room on a Sunday morning in the rain, this is a way to return to banality, in a peaceful vision of reality, like the concert on Tuesday.

What image would you like to keep in mind after the concert at the Olympia?

the concert of November 13 was never finished. So I would like, this time, having in mind the image of an applauding audience cheering and a happy group of being there, waving to the crowd before leaving the stage. I feel irrevocably bound to this audience and this group now. The night of November 13, we found ourselves herded into a courtyard with part of the group: bassist, sound engineer, etc. We had discussed. see them on stage, with the physical courage that always assumes, especially in these circumstances, it will be a very strong image. Finally, it is undoubtedly a positive image of myself that I’m going to get through them. The hours pass, the deadline is approaching, and I increasingly feel that this is the most important concert of my life.


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