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Eagles of Death Metal: “We can not play” Kiss the Devil “at the Olympia” – Le Monde

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Jesse Hughes, Dave Catching, Matt McJunkins and Julian Dorio, members of Eagles of Death Metal, opposite the Bataclan on December 8, 2015.

Between the two men, who used their panties together on the benches of school there thirty years, the roles are always clearly distributed. There’s the rascal, Jesse Hughes, ultrasensitive, including emotions, words and ideas go in all directions, passing alternately for uncivilized and cheerful punk or a reactionary defender of “red neck way of life” with guns, machismo and swearing. And then there is the big brother (very large, big brother), Josh Homme, who takes him by the shoulder, stops when it goes wrong, you look in the bottom of the eyes and turns his tongue four times in the mouth before you answer.

Josh, who is also involved in other musical projects, including Queens of the Stone Age, was not he, in Bataclan. Nor the rest of the current tour renamed “Our friends turn” (in French in the text) that has already gone through Stockholm and Oslo. He joined the group for this concert where he will take his place on drums.

Are you, like many fans have requested, resume the concert where you left off at the time of the attack, with the song Kiss the Devil

Josh Homme: No. We can not play Kiss the Devil tomorrow. We do not know where this song now lives, and we have no reason to try to find out. Because we also requests … not to play. A person who does not want to hear has more to us than a hundred who would one cheek. The song starts with a very iconic way you know: Tsi Tsi poom poom TACATAC … (silence) It starts well … We do not know what to do with it …

Donald Trump said the last week in a French weekly: “I still have a weapon on me. If I had been at the Bataclan, I can tell you I would have opened fire. “ What do you think, Jesse, you who defend the United States the use of weapons

Jesse Hughes: What says is absurd … I do not care in what he says, this has nothing to do with us

Josh Homme . Yes, it ‘ is absurd, it is not there to do politics. We are there for making the wonderful France: arts and culture, which have a place here in your life everyday

The attack changed .?

Jesse Hughes: This gives a different perspective. This does not change my way of thinking, the way I see people, I’m … I’m 43, you know. I will not change much …

Josh Homme: This is a redirect. When your old road is forced to change course, this redirection can be seen as a blessing.

You feel you invested a mission?

Josh Homme : whether we want it or not, we can show just a way to get out, to go forward, to grow out of it … Because rock’n ‘roll saved us in the past and he will save us again. People will not come tomorrow, simply because they can not and that’s good. They simply know that we were there

Jesse Hughes. I want to do what God told me to do. And in the Bible, he said: “Make a joyful cries. “ This is what we will do. This is just to pave our way through this sadness. Music is the sacred way in which I can live the divine experience. And I think it is beautiful.

The jihadists who attacked the Bataclan said also do this in the name of God …

Jesse Hughes: these people were under Xanax and cocaine, I do not even want to talk about these motherfuckers. They had their moment of glory and died, let them where they are …

Josh Homme : We are there to post, we can focus on this need that. I always liked Jesse because we share a faith and belief in music. It will take us out of our problems, our wanderings when things will not go. The concert [in Olympia] has nothing to do with religion or politics. Politicians are welcome, like everyone else, with everyone, but we do not want to show us with them, we walk in the street, we do not live in an ivory tower.

the Bible also speaks of tears valley …

Jesse Hughes: Yes, the whole thing is that you cross the valley of tears to get in the light of God. This is the definition of life, have tribulation …

You experience this feeling of guilt which speak survivors

Jesse Hughes?: there is no denying that it exists. I know clearly for Josh, the man who is there right next to me … for not having been there. But it would kill you if you let that shit you consume. You would become crazy. Because in the end, it’s obviously nobody’s fault, except that of the killers. We must resist. My mantra is: “Rest of hot ass! And chosen the sunny side of the street! “

Josh Homme : I think there at the bottom of it an anchor that can lead you to the bottom, a hand that can not be evacuated. But we are not there to sink into the darkness, we are here to bring light. We do not offer the darkness, nor political or religious output on everything. We are here to stand together and give us joy. It would be sad if the press around us was part of the anchor. My son was born yesterday, and I came to California. I’m here for you, as I’m there for my son, as I’m there for Jesse, as I am there for me. I am here to be part of the light, not to sink to the bottom. I’m here for my best friend do not look towards the bottom but up, and when he turns around, he way I am, and I’m here likewise for you.

Eden Galindo, guitarist, told me that you met Monday night a group of about sixty people who were at the Bataclan …

Josh Homme Yes, these are people who are following us for a long time. Our oldest friends here … It’s also a way to prepare for the concert, to do your best. Because we do not claim to know in advance what is the best way. We want neither disappoint nor forget anyone

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