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Eagles of Death Metal: “We started to write a song about the attacks” – Le Parisien

As usual, Jesse Hughes is angry with punctuality, smokes like a chimney during the interview and laughs like a kid when his manager shows him a beer created in his likeness in Canada to raise money for victims attacks of November 13.

But for the first time, we see tears running behind his glasses plaid roses. And the way he hold you in his arms is not just a friendly hello. He, the champion of big circus “Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll,” he American guitarist who put topless on the cover of his latest album, “Down Zipper” has lost its innocence, carelessness, 13 November Bataclan …

Three months after the tragedy, where 90 rock fans fell under the bullets of terrorists, as he and his friends band playing that night, Jesse Hughes is committed to talk about the need to return to sing in Paris and elsewhere to “remain normal rock’n’roll group” to pay tribute to his “fans”, these “champions” who are more than ever his family .. . “We will not let the bad guys win,” he says, between laughter and tears.

How are you?
JESSE HUGHES. Better. I am obviously very excited to return to Paris. But it’s a nice feeling. Josh Homme, my best friend (note: and co-founder of Eagles Of Death Metal) is there. I asked him to come on stage to do a part of the show, but not all, otherwise it would steal me the show (laughs). My best friend Tuesday, is also there. We went last night at a party organized by the survivors who were in the front row at the Bataclan. I needed to be with them. And here I feel better, much better. I feel ready …

Ready for the concert …

 J.H. – Yes. Tonight, the concert will be fun. We all need this tonight, pure fun. Obviously, it would have been easy to make a big concert, although heavy, but our music is quite heavy like that. No, tonight we’re going to stir, put lampshades on their heads … Fun silly well. That’s how it should be, a normal concert, regular and super funny. It was like that in Paris on 13 November. We must return to this, the purpose of this group as there are many. Do rock’n’roll. It is enough pressure like that, it means so much (he sobs) .

You will play all your songs, including “Kiss The Devil,” (note: the band was playing when the terrorists arrived) ?

 J.H. – No, you can not (sighs) . I wanted to start the concert tonight really where we left off at the Bataclan, for “Kiss The Devil”. Because I’m like that, I needed that. But this show is not just about me. It involves so many people, so many friends on stage and in the room. And if there is a person who does not want to hear this song, I do not have to sing. On the play again later, it does not matter. directory enough was (laughs)

Are you looking forward to play again in Paris or you fear?

 J.H. – I’m impatient. I needed to get back on stage in Paris, to feel better, to feel whole. I have a very special relationship with France, with the French public, that’s why it makes me so bad (He weeps) . Playing tonight, we can not change what happened, all this horrible shit. But we can do things that help create new memories. stay hot like fire, is my new mantra (laughs).

That’s why you have accepted the invitation from U2 to play with them at Bercy in December?

 J.H. – Absolutely. And to bring my group to life. We needed it. U2 has done something incredible for us. When we were attacked, it’s U2 who was attacked, it’s you, it’s all guys who like rock. When I see who question the sincerity and integrity of U2, I tell them to go fuck themselves. U2 musicians are the best guys I’ve met in my life. For us, they were as rescuers of rock’n’roll. On their way, they made us heart massage, to keep us alive. At Bercy, U2 said, “We will not let the bad guys win.” This is what we say in our turn tonight in Paris.

What have you done in the last three months?

 J.H. – We try to live as before. If I had stayed locked up at home, I would have done what the bad guys want: that I remain a prisoner of my mind, my heart, my own walls, I fall. Then I came out, came out. I started to skate, I learn to do three times a week, I help my friend Tuesday to redo the garden is lovely. I bought two new bikes and especially I made a lot of new music. That’s how I’m doing every time it happens to me a blow. After my first divorce, I wrote the first album. It makes me happy. So expect to hear the happiest songs I’ve ever written. A new album will be released soon. This will be another way to not let the bad guys win.

You wrote a song about the attacks?

 J.H. – I started to write, to put all this shit in it. Create this song is making a prison to lock up the bad guys in it.

 You are always followed by a shrink?

 J.H. – Yes, the whole group, darling, because we all want to get better. But I also see my priest four to five times a week. For a rocker, go to church four to five times a week, this is not anything (laughs) . But I’m also pretty lucky because I live two blocks from the church house. My priest stops with me on the church path, he understands and it helps me a lot. From my point of view, God is the best shrink because you can give it and take it. God helped me, my faith was strengthened, I prayed for help and help came.

The rock community has also mobilized resuming your song “I love you all the time”

 J.H. – The whole community, yes. All these artists, Duran Duran, Savages, Imagine Dragons, Florence and The Machine, Kings Of Leon, who did a cover of our song to repay the rights of victims to the bottom. That’s the story, this solidarity. I care about my friends, in this family, to make them happy, to entertain them. Josh and I, especially me, have been elected by circumstances to represent it. I have a sacred duty. We are united by the blood (he cries) by blood, forever. They have taken 130 lives is much 130 lives … But since this tragedy, I saw that generous people who care about others, who have not fallen into hatred. Our heart beats. They have not managed to take away that.

What have you shared with the survivors?

 J.H. – We drank wine, we smoked grass, we told bullshit, listened to lots of music. It is they who chose the songs and I remember each one of them all my life. There were only survivors Bataclan, but there were no casualties. There were only champions, winners. That’s a good theme for a song (laughs) .

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Do you feel like you have changed?

 J.H. – My foundation, my beliefs have not changed. On the contrary. Thanks to God and to my friends. My priorities have also been reinforced: to live as hard as possible, enjoy my friends, dancing with my darling

 Are you always favorable to arms?

 J.H. – I’m not for weapons. I support the right of all to carry a weapon to defend themselves. The arms help to defend themselves, right? There were massacres in the United States, unfortunately, but there was also in Paris (remain silent) . The carrying of weapons is illegal at home and unfortunately this has failed to prevent the attacks, is not it? But hey, I’m not a politician, I do not care about Donald Trump (note: who said it would have earned had he been at the Bataclan) . Me, my only weapon is my guitar. And my guitar kills assholes.

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