Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Angoulême Festival threatened by the boycott of comic publishers – Le Figaro

edition of the National Union of Professionals and the Union of alternative publishers call a “radical overhaul” of the festival “promptly” and ask the Minister of Culture to appoint a mediator .

the 2016 edition of Angoulême festival is just completed until the next competition in 2017, is already threatened. comic publishers have threatened to boycott February 23 next Angoulême festival if a “radical overhaul” of the event is “not implemented as soon as possible.”

” the festival should be rethought in depth, in its structure, its governance, strategy, project, and ambitions, “say the editors in a statement in which they criticized the organization of the last edition, held from 28 January 31. “Consequence of the lack of both a shared vision and effective governance, the latest edition of the festival has accumulated the mistakes,” they continue.

They point to the ” absence of women in the list of eligible authors at the Grand Prix of the city of Angouleme, the discontent of writers often badly treated by the organization, the drop in attendance, opacity in the selections prices, the closing ceremony disastrous “. “It is impossible to leave it to degrade and tarnish the image of the 9th Art in France and abroad,” say the editors.

They ask also the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay, receive “and to appoint a mediator to carry out urgently, this radical reform.”

the publishers signed the statement belong to the National Union of publishing (Casterman, Dargaud, Delcourt, Denoël, …) and the Union of alternative publishers (Anathema, Arbitrary, The Association, It & amp;. There, The Coffee, The Cherry 5th Layer)


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