Monday, February 22, 2016

Migrants from Calais to Cazeneuve, the evacuation of the southern half of the “jungle” is a “humanitarian operation” – La Voix du Nord

– After several appeals to the Lille tribunal, how do you react to this new writ by associations

“associations are free to want to challenge in court a decision of the State, in accordance with the law. However, the state has never worked so humanitarian efforts to improve the situation in Calais. On the moor, with the creation of temporary reception center (CAP) and outside, with the reception and orientation centers (CAD), and the work we do to allow migrants to apply for asylum in La France. Our efforts continue to convince the migrants that the moor is not a life project. No one can be satisfied with the situation in the southern part of the moor, where living conditions are not compatible with human dignity. Every migrant must be housed in better conditions and to seek asylum in France if they wish. This is our project because it n is not possible for the State humanitarian ideal in the moor. “

– About the number of migrants to evacuate in the section on the “jungle”, the State ad 1000, volunteers 3 200. Why such a difference?

“regular counts are made by state services. They are made in a comprehensive, serious and meticulous. They show that at the beginning of February 3700 migrants at all, and a high hypothesis would still be present on the entire site, including more than 1000 in sheltering structures. They were 6000 in the camp there two months. The marauding made every day on the moors, particularly in the southern zone, show that the number of tents and huts are unoccupied, which evaluates the real presence to nearly a thousand people on the southern part of the moor. “

– The evacuation could start Wednesday. What will the evacuated migrants? Should we expect to see reappear squats?

“Every migrant will be offered, as is the case since October 27, a place in the CAP, in CAD or in a reception area for vulnerable person depending on his situation. The coercion is not the option we want to emphasize. This is a humanitarian operation that we provide solutions to all. The number of places offered to shelter migrants is enough to accommodate everyone. “

– If migrants do not leave the southern half of the” jungle “, the state will he resort to force


“as indicated by the prefect of Pas-de-Calais, the dismantling of the southern area of ​​the moor will gradually and offering everyone a rehosting solution. The realization of the band of 100 m there is a month has made according to these same terms and I note that this was done smoothly and without having to use force. I think all those who wish to see the emergence of humanitarian solutions for migrants will be responsible. “

– On the recent statements of David Cameron, British Prime Minister: Is France going to renegotiate agreements Touquet if Britain leaves the European Union ? The threat of Cameron (end of the border at Calais) is it real?

“The renegotiation of the Le Touquet Agreement is not in the agenda. Push the border on the other side of the Channel would not preclude the formation of a camp this side of the Channel. To say otherwise is lying. Moreover, the British, who are not in the Schengen area (European area of ​​free movement, ed) could easily repress their border those who would cross. Open the border as some suggest, irresponsibly, would only recreate an attractive Calais migrant flows through Europe hoping to reach the United Kingdom. We must not make the game of smugglers who are involved in the trafficking. “

– The” jungle “is doomed to disappear, should we expect a reduction of CRS staff and police in Calais and Coquelles (knowing that the tunnel is ultra-secure) ?

“efforts have been made, with British help to secure the tunnel, the ring road and the harbor. These devices show effectiveness: for weeks, no intrusion is observed on the port or in the Tunnel. It is not going to England from Calais. Furthermore, the pressure on the smuggling networks is constant. 28 were dismantled in the Calais in 2015 against 14 in 2014. In Grande Synthe are 25 networks have been dismantled since early 2015, including three last week. We therefore find for three weeks reduced intrusion attempts and attacks on security forces. I adapt the device to the reality on the ground, and at this stage it is maintained in its present dimensions. “

– Do you have an answer to give to traders of Calais who questioned you during one of your visits

“I am fully aware of the serious concerns of traders and residents of Calais, I understand and I share. I am engaged in the resolution of this complex situation. I’m local, with all the humanitarian and security features we have implemented in a constructive relationship with the city of Calais, the Region and the Department. I am also at European and international level. The situation in the camp of the moor is the manifestation of a global migration crisis. Calaisis the economic situation is also at the heart of government concerns. The Prime Minister pledged to provide € 50 million to help Calais in the land contract. Last week, he also entrusted to state services a mission that will offer aid modalities to the local economy. The government has mobilized to respond to the situation as a whole. “

– On 4 February, the visit to Calais by the Minister of Justice was announced “in the coming days.” Nothing on the horizon yet …

“This visit is being prepared, a date should be announced soon.”

This interview was conducted by mail exchange with no possibility of recovery.


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