Sunday, February 21, 2016

“Jungle” of Calais: Reeve says he wants to do everything “to prevent the use of public force” – The Obs

Calais (AFP) – The Prefect of Pas-de-Calais said Sunday that the government “will do everything to avoid the use of public force” in the dismantling of half the “jungle” of Calais, that . it was scheduled for Wednesday at the latest

on 12 February, it announced the forced evacuation of a thousand migrants – up to 2,000 according to the associations – on the south side spreading about half the area of ​​the camp where 4,000 migrants live in precarious conditions.

“it will be dismantled in the same way that generated the band of 100 meters, that is to say in calm with the help of associations, “said Sunday at a press briefing at the day care center Jules Ferry Reeve, Fabienne Buccio.

the associations are against this new dismantling insurgent . In a letter to Bernard Cazeneuve Friday they had found opportunities for migrants “far short of needs and problems,” and filed an urgent application to the Administrative Court, which is expected to vote Tuesday.

“the use of public force we will do everything to avoid” insisted Sunday prefect. “The dismantling should trade Wednesday and the police will not be committed if everyone plays the game,” she said.

On Friday morning, Ms. Buccio had stressed its willingness to use the strength of last spring. But she had clamped down on the same night by taking an order “ex deportation” to take effect Tuesday at the latest, citing “atrocities” committed by migrants, “projectile-throwing” against vehicles among others.

“We are able to propose a humanitarian solution for all home now migrants in Calais,” said Reeve.

She recalled the possibilities of evacuated migrants: 102 reception and orientation centers (CAD) spread in France and the temporary reception center (CAP) launched in January near the center Jules Ferry which has 1,500 seats in heated containers

<. p> According to her, 2,600 migrants have passed through Calais have already agreed to go to CAD. “Of those 2,600 people, 80% have applied for asylum in France,” said Fabienne Buccio. As for the CAP, 1,200 of its 1,500 seats are provided.

President (LR) in the Region, Xavier Bertrand, who attended the press conference with the mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, estimated that c is in the CAP and the center Jules Ferry “found dignity and humanity and not next” in the “jungle”.


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