Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Eagles of Death Metal end tonight the concert of 13 November – The Express

This is an important moment to come, both for the group for survivors of November 13 and their families. Three months after the tragedy of Bataclan, Eagles of Death Metal are back this Tuesday night on a Paris stage to finish their concert.

“It will be a normal rock concert, we’ll have fun,” wants to believe the singer and guitarist of “EODM” Jesse Hughes, in an interview with AFP. However, he acknowledges that he has “fear”, “really scared”. speaking of a “therapy”.

Unlike November 13, he will be accompanied on stage by his friend Josh Homme, co-founder of the rock band unadorned became world famous in spite of himself. The group resumed Saturday the international tour he had suspended the day after the attack in which 90 people were killed (about 130 killed in Paris) during their concert at the Bataclan.

“I do not want collapsing in front of everyone”

Le Bataclan still closed, is the pediment of Olympia that their name will appear for a necessarily particular evening, in the presence of survivors and relatives of victims, invited by the production, but also fans of the group who bought their ticket. “EODM” was briefly appeared on stage with U2 at Bercy in early December, but this is their first concert in France since the killing, with the same first part in November (the Austrian duo White Miles).

“I hope to be able to go up on that stage and be stronger than I am now. I do not want collapsing in front of everyone, I do not want to disappoint anyone, it’s my biggest fear, “added the singer. “They, they did not let me down,” he said about the fans of the group they still call her “friends”.

Important safety device

For the survivors, it is sometimes tricky. Come or not, for “many, this will be a last minute decision,” said Alexis, a member of the association “Life for Paris” which brings together some 500 survivors. “There are people for whom this is important, this is part of the reconstruction process, but there are also many people for whom it is too early or not ready,” added t- he.

Clotilde, a fan of the Bataclan, will not be, despite having his invitation. Still shocked, she was more scared than reassured by the heavy security announced. A security perimeter must be installed in the afternoon around the Olympia, announced the prefecture. A “perimeter sanctuary” to be “free parking and pedestrian empty, except for the public concert.”

Risk traumatic

The other unknown is psychological and is due to possible reactions of the survivors who, for some, will return for the first time at a concert. These victims of the attacks indeed run the risk of reliving the trauma of November 13, said Carole Damiani, a psychologist and director of the association Paris Victim Support.

To help, there will be on site a “team of thirty people with psychologists’ present throughout the concert, she said. The survivors “have the right not to go” in and out if they feel the need, recalled this psychologist.


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