Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Calais: the partial evacuation of the “jungle” postponed – Le Figaro

The ultimatum set by the authorities for the evacuation of part of the camp of the “jungle” in Calais will not expire today. The state expects the judge’s decision.

The partial evacuation of migrants Camp “jungle” in Calais, scheduled from 20 o’clock tonight is delayed facto because the judge hearing an appeal against this operation will not make decision on Tuesday, said the administrative court.

the prefecture had initially demanded the evacuation of the southern part of the shantytown installed near this port in northern France by Tuesday night, but the state can not act until the court has decided.

The judge’s decision should be made on Wednesday or Thursday, a source close to the matter. This delay is not a surprise, given the time of writing of the interim order to be made by the judge in this case the vice-president of Valerie Quemener court.

3700 people in the camp

Valérie Quemener visited in the morning in the “jungle” camp, home to 3,700 people at last count of the Prefecture of Pas-de-Calais to take stock of the situation.

on Friday, the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais, invoking the “urgency”, took office a deportation order of the occupants of the game south of the camp said the Lande, about half the camp area.

the migrants have not started to leave, especially as the associations that support them are hostile draining. “We will respect the court decisions in any event The objective remains the same. To shelter all migrants who live outside,” says one of the Pas-de-Calais prefecture.


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Tuesday evening
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