Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Grand Angoulême board on a BD attrations park project – Le Figaro

The Charente urban community is considering the construction of a park on the theme of the comic, in connection with the festival and the museum are dedicated to him already Angouleme.

The project was to be launched on the sly. But a phrase of François Bonneau, President (DVD) of the departmental council of Charente, released at a meeting devoted to the budget has stirred curiosity. “A community is working on a major tourist facility,” said the one. This is actually an amusement park on the theme of the comic, as revealed by the regional daily Charente Libre . A place that would benefit from the windfall created by the Angoulême Festival and the City of comics and the image in the same city.

The information has now been confirmed by the city. For a year and a half, the Grand Angoulême board on this issue whose outlines are now clearer. The idea would be to launch the construction of a 5ha park (on a hold of thirty hectares), with an initial budget of 35 million euros, which could peak at 58 million at the end of ten years. The park would propose to its opening ten attractions and almost twenty thereafter.

attractions who want innovative. Scenic route combining video and 3D animation projections would be set up to delve into the fantasy world of heroes of comics such as Marsupilami, Lucky Luke, the Smurfs, and Black Martimer or Spirou … These attractions are planned indoors mostly. But a Russian mountain should also sit outside, said Jean-Patrick Demonsang, president of the company currently Parexi in connection with the Grand Angoulême for the management of this park. Parexi is already behind the launch of Spirou park near Avignon scheduled to open in 2017.

In order for the park to be profitable, the urban community hopes to attract at least 190,000 visitors a year there . While aiming affordable entry price. “No more than 15 €, it would be great”, told Jacky Bouchaud, vice president in charge of economic development of the metropolitan area to Charente Libre . Eventually, he hopes the park will host 400,000 people each year.

However, no provisional timetable for the moment: the start of work as the park opened are still in the viewfinder. The urban groping community to be sure not to repeat the mistake of the Film Museum, which engulfed 13 million euros but finally never opened in Angoulême. For now, the case “did not cost a penny of public money,” insisted Jacky Bouchaud, education costs have been supported by Parexi. And “the park should not cost more than 15 million of public money.”


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