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Caesar 2016 winners: winners (Fatima, Vincent Lindon, Catherine Frot …) + Replay –

CESAR 2016 – For over three hours the humorist Florence Foresti made the show on stage at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Find the winners of the ceremony in our file below.

[Updated February 27, 2016 at 10:17] Last night at Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, the stars of French cinema were left to award the prestigious prize to classmates at Caesar 2016 . For the occasion, the organizers decided to hire a well-known comedian public to enliven the ceremony: Florence Foresti. The latter had already made a splash a few years ago on the stage of the Théâtre du Châtelet with a skit involving actor Sean Penn. The least we can say is that the evening was under the sign of humor and efficiency. Indeed, the winners had only a few seconds to thank their loved ones. Find below the complete results of the evening, as well as our direct the ceremony. To relive the evening replay, simply click on the following link.

This is the movie Fatima which won the César for Best Film, while Vincent Lindon (the law of the market) and Catherine Frot (Marguerite) came respectively seek the César for Best actor and the Best actress. For César for Best Director, voters have decided to award the director Arnaud Desplechin (Three memories of my youth) . The Cesar for best foreign film returns to Birdman and Best scenario Mustang. Top side supporting roles, it is Benoît Magimel (head high) that received the male award, and Sidse Babett Knudsen (Ermine) feminine. The Cesar for Best Original Music was awarded to Mustang , as well as the Best First Film. For Best decor is Daisy has been favored by the Academy. Melanie Laurent (Tomorrow) is mounted on the stage of the Caesar 2016 to receive the award for Best Documentary. One of the Best Cinematography was awarded to Valley of Love , the César Award for Best Editing at Mustang and the Cesar for Best Sound Daisy . Finally, the Caesars of the Best Male and female hopefuls were respectively awarded to young Rod Paradot (head high) and Zita Hanrot (Fatima).

0:00: the ceremony is over
11:56 p.m.:
the 2016 César for Best Film was awarded to Fatima
11:46 p.m.. Vincent Lindon crowned Best actor César 2016
11:43 p.m.: This is Arnaud Desplechin receiving the César for Best director
11:36 p.m.. Catherine Frot is the Best actress Cesar 2016
11:30 p.m.: the Cesar for best foreign film returns to Birdman
11:26 p.m.. Patrick Bruel has put the Cesar for Best screenplay. This is the film that won the Mustang Caesar
11:15 p.m.. Michael Douglas honored for his career in 2016. The actor Caesar seems very excited to receive this award from Claude Lelouch, President the ceremony
11:12 p.m.. it’s Benoît Magimel who won the César for Best Supporting role
11:04 p.m.: the César for Best music original is attributed to the Mustang
movie 10:59 p.m.: Christine and the Queens continues the theme of the film “Subway”
10:51 p.m. . the César for best adaptation returns to movie Fatima
10:43 p.m.: Sidse Babett Knudsen won the César for best actress in a Supporting role
10:41 p.m.: This is the Marguerite movie which won the Cesar for Best Art
10:27 p.m.. the Cesar for Best first Film was awarded to Mustang
10:25 p.m.: Caesar 2016 honor the dead personalities this year …
10:20 p.m.: the Cesar for Best documentary was awarded to the film Tomorrow directed by Mélanie Laurent
10:14 p.m.. Florence Foresti and Vanessa Paradis in a parody of blocked
10:11 p.m.: This is the Mustang film that receives the Cesar for Best editing
10:04 p.m.. the Cesar for Best Cinematography was awarded to the film Valley of Love, starring Gérard Depardieu
10:03 p.m.. the Cesar for Best sound is awarded to the film Marguerite
10:03 p.m.: Audrey Lamy unfolds with a round belly on the scene of Caesar 2016 to recover the Cesar for Best sound
9:58 p.m.. Florence Foresti still looking for the number Vincent Cassel
9:51 p.m.: the Cesar for best animated short film the Sunday meal and along the Little Prince
9:44 p.m. . the Caesar Best male Newcomer is awarded to young Rod Paradot! very moving speech of the actor of “head high”
9:41 p.m. . This is the time of the Most Promising Actor. Who will win
9:39 p.m.: The Cesar for best costume is awarded to Pierre-Jean Larroque for Marguerite
9:37 p.m.. The two members of Palmashow engage in a skit on the stage of the 2016 César
9:33 p.m. : the Cesar for Best short film is awarded to the alley against
9:28 p.m.. it’s the young Zita Hanrot which won the César for Best actress for her role in the film Fatima
9:26 p.m.: it’s time for Best actress. Are named Camille Cottin, Sara Giraudeau, Zita Hanrot Diane Rouxel, Lou Roy-Lecolinet, Who will be the winner
9:25 p.m.: Carole Bouquet is the first star to present an award tonight Cesar 2016.
9:24 p.m. : “I believe in more than all the rest movie” starts moved Claude Lelouch
9:21 p.m.. Claude Lelouch makes his speech for the new president César ceremony
2016. 9:09 p.m.: Florence Foresti took the opportunity to make fun of Americans, especially their weight and their blockbuster movies. She does not forget the public “very cold” Caesar
9:06 p.m.. The actress and comedian made his entrance on the stage of the Théâtre du Châtelet in American style! Cane in hand and fur coat on the shoulders
9:03 p.m.. Florence Foresti started the evening by landing in cult films of French cinema
21h00. This is the beginning of the evening Cesar 2016. it is hoped that Florence Foresti offer an exceptional evening, which will reward the best film of last year
8:46 p.m.. Who will win the Cesar for best actor / actress? The answer in a few hours
8:40 p.m.: more than 20 minutes before the ceremony begins! You are in front of your screen
8:17 p.m.: Yann Barthes and Laurent Weil are currently interviewing the stars of French cinema now arriving at the Théâtre du Châtelet for César 2016.
7:26 p.m.: There are only a few minutes before the ceremony Caesar 2016 begins. It will be broadcast on Canal + live and clear. Follow our special live to see the complete results.

Even before the start of the evening Caesar 2016 , several events were held in connection with ceremony. On January 4, 2016 marked the opening of the vote on January 27 took place the press conference announcing the nominations and finally on February 6 was held the traditional lunch named. The organizers of the ceremony Caesar 2016 unveiled the list of Revelations in 2016 there are already several weeks. The latter allows to discover young actors who made a splash last year at the movies. On 27 January we got to know the appointed Caesar in 2016 during the traditional press conference organized by the usual Académie.Comme, the big night of Caesar was broadcast live in clear on Canal +. According to the celebrity magazine Closer, director Claude Lelouch chose to accept the invitation of César in 2016 rather than go to the wedding of his son Sashka. Indeed, it must be married on Saturday in the city of Goa, India, an Indian woman he met on the set of ‘A + A , the movie … his father! Valérie Perrin, the wife of the director, will travel to the wedding, but left her husband hold a speech of President César 2016 tonight on the stage of the Châtelet theater. If information were to check, it is hoped that his son would not want him too …

Before the ceremony of Caesar 2016 the director Claude Lelouch, president of the jury this year, gave an interview to the Grand Journal. It refers in particular his wish to remain spontaneous in order to live the moment. Claude Lelouch is indeed a filmmaker who likes to improvise and he would like his speech is a reflection of his work: “It is likely that I will play the moment Immediacy is part of what I do. prefer the cinema, so I’ll try to be as much as possible and I’ll see spontaneous. I’ll let myself go by the last second and I will see what to say. “ A few days after the broadcast of the ceremony of César 2016, the humorist Florence Foresti reversed what she had planned for the big night. Indeed, it is she who will have the difficult task of boosting the broadcast on Canal + unscrambled. In an interview with Tele 7 Jours, the presenter of the evening shows by example that it is not prohibited. However, it will avoid “mock artists present [...] It is not necessarily what amuses me most, because I do not want to add stress to appointed awaiting the results.” Still, the challenge is daunting, the Cesar Awards ceremony is known for its slow even if the 2016 edition attempts to clean the speaking time of the speakers. “There are codes, pace constraints and themes. In the room, the public is anxious and under the spotlight. We have to make people laugh and offer a good evening to viewers. Everything I love. “

This year, the ceremony of Caesar 2016 held Friday, Feb. 26 at the Châtelet Theatre. This was broadcast live and unencrypted on Canal +, which was once again partner of the event. It preceded that of the two-day Oscars 2016 , which is scheduled for Sunday. Faced with criticism received by Edouard Baer last year when it introduced the great evening of French cinema, organizers have decided to appeal to the French favorite humorist Florence Foresti. This will be a first for the actress, who nonetheless has made several appearances at Caesar in recent years, in particular during a worship skit with Sean Penn. Recently, the Academy of César unveiled the official poster for its forty-first edition. This is Juliette Binoche who is put forward after Fanny Ardant and Isabelle Adjani. The actress has already received an award at the Cesar 1994 Three Colors: Blue. Earlier in the week, the organizers of the 2016 César asked the director Claude Lelouch to be president for the next ceremony. This may seem strange, since the director has never received a César for his films.

As every year, viewers followed the ceremony Caesar 2016 Live on Canal +, which was once again the evening of partner. A few minutes before the broadcast of the event, the team of Grand Journal has received several movie stars on stage to perform a few interviews. The journalist and critic Laurent Weil was of the party, since he used to ask questions of the French movie stars before they will make their entry into the Théâtre du Châtelet. Big goal of publishing the 2016 Cesar Awards ceremony, the length of the show. Indeed, the award of French cinema is often criticized for its slowness and lack of pace. This forty-first edition has exorcised the curse, as the evening ended at midnight exactly. A few weeks before the ceremony of Caesar 2016 , the humorist Florence Foresti unveiled a trailer that parodies a scene from the cult movie Flashdance. In this video, the actress faced a jury composed of former masters of ceremony: Antoine de Caunes, Edouard Baer, ​​Valerie Lemercie and Cécile de France. One thing is certain: César 2016 will be placed under the sign of humor with Florence Foresti

The list of appointed Caesar in 2016 for Best Newcomer was announced a few weeks ago.. 32 young actors we find: 16 women and 16 men. Succession of French cinema is ready and the ceremony of Caesar 2016 do not forget to note on stage at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Find below the complete list of nominees for the grand ceremony of Caesar 2016

César 2016 Best Film. dheepan / Fatima / the law of the market / My King / Mustang / Margaret / high head / Three memories of my youth

César 2016 Best Actor: Jean-Pierre Bacri / François Damiens / Vincent Cassel / Fabrice Luchini / Gerard Depardieu / Vincent Lindon

César 2016 best Actress: Catherine Deneuve / Loubna Abidar / Cécile France / Emmanuelle Bercot / Isabelle Huppert / Catherine Frot / Soria Zeroual

César 2016 best Director: Jacques Audiard ( dheepan ) / Emmanuelle Bercot ( high head) / Stéphane Brizé ( the law of the market ) / Xavier Giannoli ( Margaret ) / Arnaud Desplechin ( Three gift my youth )

César in 2016 for Best original screenplay. dheepan / Mustang / head high / Three memories of my youth / Margaret

César 2016 Best first film. Mustang / neither heaven nor earth / Cowboys / We three or nothing

César 2016 Best actress:. Diane Rouxel / Zita Hanrot / Camille Cottin / Sara Giraudeau / Lou Leroy

César 2016 Best male Newcomer. Rod Paradot

César 2016 Best Supporting actor: Louis Garrel / Benoît Magimel / André Marcon / Michel Fau / Rottiers

Caesar 2015. beautiful people on the red carpet

it is already possible to make predictions about the winners before the evening Cesar 2016. some feature films already beginning to come off the lot in the last few weeks, such as dheepan by Jacques Audiard, or Margaret with Catherine Frot. so you could imagine that the actress was in good position to win the César for Best Actress, which happened! It is also believed to excellent The law of the market , which was likely to grab the biggest awards at the ceremony of Caesar 2016 . Indeed, Vincent Lindon won the César for Best Actor. In a study of social networks published by the communications agency Way To Blue, we get a trend on the potential of each appointed. Indeed, the agency has analyzed more than 30,000 entries across all social networks, and so found the appointed talked about more on the canvas. If the barometer is never a guarantee of victory, it can still identify some names of forecasts of hat for the Cesar Awards ceremony 2016. This shows that the trend would offer the best director for Jacques Audiard, the best Film at Mustang while prices for best actress and best actor would go to Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu.

a few days before the release of the great Cesar Awards ceremony in 2016, actress and humorist Florence Foresti gave an interview to Mouloud Achour in his show. It thus reversed its arrival at the ceremony commands. And that is not the Academy who picked her but she offered its services: “We must know that it was I who decided to do it is not picked me, c ‘. was I who went to apply. I’m saying is the truth [...] They made me spend a little oral. [...] I went to Canal + and the Academy. I went look for work, it was aps happened long ago. ” After the actress Cécile France it two years ago, the organizers of the Caesar 2016 wished place the evening full of humor by using comedian Florence Foresti. A few days before going on stage at the Théâtre du Châtelet and present the ceremony, the comedian has unveiled a trailer parody in which it slips into the costume of the heroine of the movie Flashdance. The video is to discover below.


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