Monday, February 15, 2016

Claude Gueant attacks the rapper Nekfeu – The Point

It is rare to see politicians and rappers enjoy … Claude Gueant no exception: he told Sunday at the South Antenna Radio that it was “not too [his] style of music.” And former Interior Minister calling for a boycott of Nekfeu rapper, who is coming off a victory of the music for his album Fire .

In case the piece Walk , in which he claimed in 2013 “a burning for these dogs Charlie Hebdo .” Remarks for which the rapper has since apologized several times, including the day of the attack against the weekly, 7 January 2015. On social networks, he assured that it was only ” pikes “and that these words were not to be taken seriously.

” what he says is unsustainable “

But Claude Guéant does not care. “What he says is unsustainable. This was not to say, “said he Commenting on the microphone of Radio South. “I’m not a to support Charlie Hebdo [...] but the fact remains that this newspaper has the right to live and to express what he wants to express” . did he also added

According to Claude Guéant, so it would boycott the rapper to prevent its spread about: “We are in a free country. The best feedback is that listeners continue to listen and buy his records. “


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