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Soria Zeroual, “Fatima” in the city and on screen – francetv info

Clap end of the Caesar, 2016. “Fatima”, Philippe Faucon and left the ceremony with three awards. Best Film, the Best Actress and the Best Adapted Screenplay. Soria Zeroual, nominated for the César Award for Best Actress has not won the trophy. She left anyway with the precious golden compression, Philippe Faucon him having made Caesar gift he received. Back on a great night for this Algerian woman of forty-five, maid in the Rhône

Report:. B. Tardy / J. Sauvadon / S. Goldstein / S. Bouix

“life is a Bed of Roses,” the title of the film by Alain Resnais summarize well the adventure of Soria Zeroual. It remains to define what sort of novel question. Because of this the maid was born in 1970 in Algeria rather begins as a contemporary Zola. At 45, she is raising her three young son in a popular city of Givors, twenty-five kilometers from Lyon. She households to enable them to pursue studies, like the heroine of the film is devoted to his daughters. Everything changes the day she registered herself without really believing in a cast. A director, Philippe Faucon, seeking a woman who looks like him to play the lead role of his next film. She looks like her as she is, discrete Soria, who is chosen. It will be “Fatima”.

Report: D.Sébastien / E. Jacquin / P. Bishop / A. Monteux / N. Metaeur / S. Langlet / France 3 Lyon

The result is of course the set, lights, makeup, the work of interpretation. Then comes the screening at Cannes, the film was selected for the Directors’ Fortnight. And finally, several months after the Croisette, it will be Paris, the Champs-Elysées, the photocall in the lobby of Fouquet’s between two stars of the 7th art and the Cesar Awards ceremony which sees nominated for the best actress in the same way Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert. Soria Zeroual takes all this with great pleasure but keeping feet on the ground. “Fatima” won the Cesar for Best Film, Zita Hanrot, who plays his daughter was awarded the best actress, but Catherine Frot who wins the trophy for best actress.

Excerpts from “Fatima” by Philippe Faucon with Soria Zeroual and Zita Hanrot, Kenza Noah Haïche

Now that the film received its rewards, it will experience a second youth in theaters. Distributed again, “Fatima” had meanwhile received the Louis Delluc prize, Soria Zeroual participate probably new projections with Philippe Faucon and Fatima Elayoubi whose two books inspired the script. She hopes to one day find either the studios. Meanwhile, in Givors, it continues to pay close attention to the education of his son. This is for him the priority.

L & amp; # 39; poster & amp; quot; Fatima & amp; quot;

The poster of “Fatima”

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“Fatima” Philippe Faucon
French film
with Soria Zeroual, Zita Henrot …
French release October 7, 2015


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