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Fakir operation in the streets of Grenoble to support “Thanks Boss!” – Place Gre’net

Feature – Mocking in the manner of a Michael Moore’s influential billionaire Bernard Arnault, the film Thanks Boss! released in theaters this Wednesday, February 24 at Club Cinema. To announce its release of Grenoble readers of satirical newspaper Fakir have improvised Billposters activists sides CGT, all very angry against what they identify as an act of media censorship.

the call came from the Facebook page of the satirical newspaper Fakir . “ Monday Night [February 22, note] organizing a collage of movie poster with all those who wish to defend freedom of expression . “The film in question? Thanks Boss! , directed by François Ruffin, founder and editor of Fakir . The message is signed meanwhile Patrick Bernard, CGT Metallurgy Grenoble. And it is in the premises of the union, the Labour Exchange Grenoble, a few “ Fakiriens ” responded to the call.

 Patrick Bernard, CGT M & # xe9; metallurgy, claims on his shirt his love for Bernard Arnault xA9 & #;. Gre'net Place srcset " 380w, fakir-01-768x512.jpg 768w, 680W, content / uploads / 2016/02 / fakir-01-600x400.jpg 600w, 450w, http: // 1200w "sizes =" (max-width: 650px) 100vw, 650px "/>

Patrick Bernard, CGT Metallurgy, claims on his shirt … his love for Bernard Arnault. © Place Gre’net

The reason for this mobilization? In Thanks Boss! , François Ruffin mock attack and Bernard Arnault, owner influential luxury group LVMH. Now the National Center of Cinematography and the moving image (CNC) has not seen fit to financially support the production of the film. Its director also saw one after two invitations in the media canceled. One of Europe 1 (which has since invited back) and one on France Culture.

A commitment to censorship? Supporters of the film are confident … and thus sound the recall. “ It was very little media ” Patrick Bernard judge. “ the impression that many media were are so liberal that they are refusing to let this go. Freedom of expression in a liberal world, this is not quite what one might imagine …

Meeting” Fakiriens “

on Monday night, two teams split the display work. If the CGT are accustomed to this kind of operation is a first for both Adrian and Florian came to lend a helping hand. The three young men answered the call to the following message posted on Facebook.

After brief presentations, a small snack and some technical recommendations, here in a Kangoo CGT leadership the panels display downtown.

 readers of the satirical newspaper Fakir stick posters of the film Thank Boss & # xE0; Grenoble, support against censorship & # xA9; Florent Mathieu -

readers of the satirical newspaper Fakir glueing posters from the film Thanks Boss! in Grenoble. © Florent Mathieu –

Adrien is 24 and works for an environmental group, when his roommate, 26, Adrien also among the permanent employees of a construction site of insertion. Florian, 32, occupies, for its part, a research professor position. If they are questioning all three on the impact that may have the film they like the message it carries and want to share it.

For the image of a party of the left, they do not recognize in government policy or in the french Communist party, nor in the person of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

He should give way soon enough . He is a former Socialist senator, tribune … “They also question the success of the National Front, including within the popular classes as a film Thanks Boss! strong advocate. But they have no other answer than a certain perplexity.

“New class struggle”

For a first, the gluers d The poster does not lack dexterity. With few exceptions, they favor the official billboards, while wondering how long the posters will be visible before being covered. The rain does not help their business, but they all criss carefully downtown and apply to give the film the visibility was according to them privately.

 A clean sweep of the class struggle & # xA9; Gre'net Place

A sweep for struggle classes. © Place Gre’net

The Fakir mind? Perhaps. Or simply the desire to unite around a film project that escapes some conventions and attacks the powerful, often protected by their status as major advertisers. Some, like the site of the plateau information Still Images (fees apply), want to see in Thanks Boss! the beginning of an important societal movement. . Harbinger of a new class struggle

One thing is certain: those who defend the film, even spend their evening in the pouring rain, to roll into town – “ pollute the expense of the CGT “, said Adrien – are neither regimented militants or rebels without a cause. Just gluers poster aspiring who want to defend a film, like others defended the film The 01 Year Gébé forty years ago. And that grant the right to have a beer when half the package of posters have been pasted.

Florent Mathieu

 movie Poster Thank Boss

The film Thanks Boss! released in theaters Wednesday, February 24, 2016.

On the Grenoble area, only cinema Club program until 1 st of March.

complete list of theatrical release and screenings and discussions throughout France, to find on the website of Fakir


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