Monday, February 22, 2016

“Huge humanist”, Umberto Eco has an appointment with Satan – Media Group

Tributes to novelist Umberto Eco has been no shortage here, and elsewhere. Died at the age of 84 on the night of 19 to 20 February, the writer returns in a new book. The publishing house he had co-founded, La Nave di Teseo, will release a collection of essays scheduled for May weekend. And meanwhile, the emotion remains strong.

Umberto Eco (e Piero Angela) #festivalcom

Alessio Jacona, CC BY SA 2.0

a great humanist , “says François Hollande, in a statement, which retains the writer as man comfortable in comics as in medieval history. “ He was never tired of learning and transmitting its immense erudition with verve and humor. [...] His work inspired the film and never raised satiated sights. Libraries have lost an insatiable reader, a dazzling university professor and literature an avid writer.

For Manuel Valls is” European consciousness leaves us . ” And “ a huge storyteller .”

The director Jean-Jacques Annaud, who had worked with him for the adaptation of his novel The Name of the Rose , speaks to AFP “ a model, an unforgettable character. It is the human, the biped, favorite of my life. It was both a great scholar and a very good living.

He remembers the greedy man, happy to share his knowledge. “ I remember one day I hear a beautiful flute solo was Umberto who played Vivaldi, said the filmmaker. After, we went to a local bar, pasta with cheese which he guzzler. That was Umberto. A character of a mad gaiety.

It is that initially the choice of Sean Connery had not really packed the novelist, when Jean-Jacques Annaud suggested him for the lead role. This “ had devastated except that when he saw the film, he said it was the most successful thing .”

“A lightness in trade”

The man who translated his works into french, Jean-Noël Schifano, speaks of a round personality “ flesh, heart and spirit square .” He added: “ roundness in touch, kindness, listening, and at the same time square in the vivacity, replicas, capturing reality. It was the round of the men and even the time square.

Speaking of making his books, the translator bows to the ability to introduce the knowledge of all time, even within his intrigues. “ At all levels, it introduced a lightness in trade. We could talk about the most serious things and all of a sudden it became light and cheerful, because he had such possession of knowledge.

Benrard Pivot could not not miss this sad events: on Twitter, it evokes a giant, in which “ were given a word and the word was immediately up in his mind two memories, 3 stories and 4 reflections .”

The editor of the house La Nave di Teseo, Elisabetta Sgarbi, announced the publication of the book Pape Satan Aleppo was advanced at the end of this week. “ We worked together for 25 years. And we recently created together La Nave di Teseo [... the] last gesture of Eco out of respect for the plurality of supply and protection of the rights of authors and publishers ” she explained.


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