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“Salafis” Justice suspended the ban at least 18 years – The Point

The ban those under 18 years of controversial documentary “Salafists”, wanted by the Ministry of Culture, was suspended Thursday by justice, a decision described as “victory” by the co-author of the film, François Margolin.

According to the ministry’s lawyer, Jacques Molinié the administrative court, seized by the filmmakers for interim relief (emergency procedure), further lowered temporarily to ban age 16, pending a judgment on the merits.

“the judge suspended the Ministry’s decision and lowered the age ban to 16 months during the period of suspension,” a- he told AFP.

the Ministry of Culture for his part “took note with surprise of the court decision which comes as the film classification board has on two occasions, in favor of the ban to minors. “

” the Minister will consider any appeal engage, “he said.

On January 27, Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture, had decided to follow the opinion of the Committee and to prohibit “Salafis” minors because of “extreme violence” of some scenes of the film broadcast without comment.

Filmed in Mali, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania, “Salafists”, which aims to show the jihadists “as” according to its authors, gives floor to senior al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the Salafi religious authorities.

It thus sees a young plumber, just amputated the right hand for theft, faking his hospital bed to rejoice to be taken “full support” to its output. At his side, his executioner, a jihadist leader, coldly said: “It was dealt with according to what God tells us.”

The documentary is interspersed with images of propaganda and jihadist videos, without voiceover or commentary and shows very crudely the application of Sharia daily

-. “Right to Know” –

“Such scenes by their scope and the way they are added in the documentary, participating in the reporting of abuses against the population, “said the judge in his order.

” the film, which contains scenes of resistance or dissent, allows the public, by virtue of its overall design and violence of certain images, to reflect on the scope of this document and to take the necessary perspective to deal with images or words that could be presented “has he said.

Co-director of the film with the Mauritanian journalist Lemine Ould Salem, François Margolin welcomed the ruling as” a victory and a political defeat for Fleur Pellerin, including all arguments was dismantled by the judge. “

the authors of the documentary also initiated proceedings on the merits designed it, to get the outright cancellation of the prohibition of their film to minors.

“we were told that was advocating terrorism, that was the game jihadists and all this is denied by the judge who said that we wanted to do exactly the opposite “noted François Margolin.

for lawyers of the company Margo Cinema, producer of” Salafists “, the judge considered that the film” participates well in the duty? public information and the s decision? prohibit minors under eighteen was vitiated? illegality “.

Asked about the lowering of the ban to 16 years, referred to by the Ministry lawyer, the defender of the authors, Mr. Ivan Terel, admitted that the judgment “cryptically worded, could be open to interpretation.”

Usually reserved for films deemed too violent or pornographic, banning a movie the age of 18 rarely touches a documentary.

“to prevent the film from being seen by those to whom it is precisely designed, high school students, college students, is a scandalous thing,” said Wednesday . François Margolin before the judge

on leaving only four rooms had screened the film against the 25 planned before the ban to minors

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