Friday, February 26, 2016

LIVE. Cinema: follow the Césars from 8:55 p.m. – Le Parisien

Marie Poussel | | Update:

Among the biggest suspense of the evening: the statuette that will reward the achievement could return to a woman director.

Emmanuelle Bercot for High Head ? Maïwenn for My King ? Deniz Gamze Ergüven for Mustang ? This would be a first since 1976. Nominated nine times Mustang , the first film of Deniz Gamze Ergüven ode to freedom recounting the odyssey of five teenage sisters in Turkey, could have the favors some 4,200 professionals of the 7th art voting at Caesars.

Fatima , The law of the market or dheepan are also among the other favorites. In an open competition, but under the sign of diversity in full debate on the Oscars “too white” Fatima Philippe Faucon, a moving portrait of immigrant housekeeper, will also contribute to good square. Like the Golden Palm of Cannes this dheepan by Jacques Audiard, France on the course of Sri Lankan refugees.

The ceremony is presented by comedian Florence Foresti, who has already made conspicuous by its teaser in which she parodied the legendary 80s movie Flashdance .

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8:21 p.m.. Michael Douglas arrived.

 8:12 p.m.. The Caesars … very commented on the web!
Since the beginning of the afternoon, the hashtag # Cesar2016 is among the most discussed topics on Twitter.

8:09 p.m.. The stars of French cinema have reviewed their requirements down.

The effect of awareness and crisis filming? Three years after the rant producer Vincent Maraval, who denounced in vitriolic tribune of “overpaid players” and “movies too expensive,” the movie has learned to tighten their belts. Finished stratospheric stamps: “There has been a sharp decline, says Serge Siritzky, founder of specialized total Screen magazine and website Ciné-Finance, peeling production contracts. Not only because of Maraval, but also because there was a crisis of filming, falling from 25% in 2014. Producers and distributors can not pay such high wages. “

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