Monday, February 15, 2016

“Vinyl”, the new flagship series from HBO, tonight on OCS City when the rock has the blues – Télé

Produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, the new US series plunges longingly behind the scenes of the music industry of New York 1970 The first episode, fast-paced, we eyeful. Discover it on Monday, February 15 OCS City.

A narrow staircase, filthy, leading to a corridor where some sordid prostitutes eccentric looks jostle and after a concert hall to the chapel tunes. An alcoholic and dripping sweat crowd jostles it, as if possessed by the music of New York Dolls, the stage of trance. Motionless in his heart boosted the hallucinated look – the combined effect of frantic guitars and cocaine – Richie Finestra, music producer, leather jacket and blow dry in battle, rediscovers rock’n’roll. Vinyl, HBO new series produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, opens in 1973 on a chaotic New York, where punk, disco and rap are being born a few streets apart. It follows Finestra (Bobby Cannavale), between spleen and need to move forward, trapping and family life, when his case will be bought by a German major.

Jagger, to origin of the project, tried for twenty years to make a film. Successively titled The Long Play and History of Music, this fresco of more than three hours had to be “a Casino on the industry musical “ in the words of the leader of the Rolling Stones, who wanted to see Scorsese direct the feature film – the Stones, which he filmed in his documentary Shine a Light, in 2008 , haunting soundtrack of his films. Forty years of rock history were to be recounted, with many anecdotes provided by Jagger, actor and witness to the rock scene since the 1960′s “At the time, it was well done have , he explained at a new York press conference. So I got involved in the business and in the seventies, I understood how to walk the record companies, who are the good guys and bastards, who pays, who scam, and ends with money (1)

Tribute to all the time sounds. soul, blues, rock’n’roll … and more

the story behind the scenes of rock’n’roll, between labels, artists, radio and financing mafia leaders, has adapted to the serial format when HBO is in is mixed. Vinyl, whose first season has ten episodes, is more than diving realistic, documented, New York from 1960-1970. He is a passionate tribute to all the time sounds, soul, blues, rock’n’roll, of course, and all that will come later. In the midst of this ideal nightclub Scorsese, one fictional band The Nasty Bits, protopunks nihilists whose singer is played by James Jagger, son Mick.

The series tells the end rock independent

Vinyl is also the story of the end of an era, that of an independent rock, and the birth of a new era. “I saw it with my own eyes turn, the proliferation of these businessmen in luxury suits, who were driving in limousines, confided Scorsese at the same press conference. I love the Leopard, both the book of Lampedusa Visconti’s film . This is the story of a man who realizes that his way of life, the world he knew nearing completion. That everything has an end. “ to write the series, the filmmaker turned to Terence Winter, with whom he had worked on Boardwalk Empire . A former producer and writer of Sopranos , the history of a depressive mobsters who, from the first episode of the series, let go: “I feel happened to the end of something. The best is behind us. “

Scorsese, a New York filmmaker resolutely rock’n’roll

Vinyl does not escape the nostalgia. That of Richie Finestra, who realizes he has left money to bribe her passion, businessmen seeking tubes formatted take the illusions of the most gifted musicians – as Lester Grimes (Ato Essandoh), bluesman turned into a singer commercial twist. But also that of Scorsese, in the exercise of self-quotation, in a story that began the same year that he turned Mean Streets, which will install its New York-turned filmmaker, decidedly rock ‘ n’roll. We do not think only in Casino the reference Jagger, but also to Taxi Driver, in a long sequence where Richie Finestra traverses Manhattan at night, in the back of a sedan, the Goodfellas and Wolf of Wall Street , written by the same Terence Winter.

camera movements virtuosos , stunning montage effects and dialogues guns

However, the first episode of the series (the only one we could see), “pilot” for nearly two hours directed by Scorsese, never feels mothballs . Returning to the roots of his love for music and film, the director seems to take great pleasure in us eyeful. It provides technical demonstration, packed with virtuoso camera movements, editing effects and stunning machine guns dialogues, furiously scorsesienne but never gratuitous or narcissistic.

Upcoming episodes seront- they measure up?

Vinyl , impeccably embodied (also found there Olivia Wilde, former Dr House, or Juno Temple, film icon American indie) slides at a breakneck pace from comedy to drama, discussions in the offices of the label ultraviolents slippage in the villas of millionaires, through long musical sequences – staging concerts and poetic interludes. There is concern whether the directors of the following episodes will manage to keep the given by Scorsese and if Vinyl , the source film project, has something to develop their story lengthwise. Meanwhile, her debut are the effect of a furious riff, the perfect introduction to a series resolutely Sex & amp; drugs & amp; rock & amp; roll.


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