Saturday, February 20, 2016

The famous Italian writer Umberto Eco has died – BFMTV.COM

The author of the famous novel “ The Name of the Rose ,” died at the age of 84 years, announced on the night of Friday to Saturday several Italian media.

the Italian writer Umberto Ecoest died Friday night at his home, said on its website La Repubblica who contacted his family. The writer suffered from cancer for a long time.

Grand Italian intellectual, linguist and philosopher, he had worldwide fame with its medieval thriller and scholar, Pink Name . This training philosopher celebrated later on as he approached fifty, has managed a coup with his first novel published in 1980, which has sold millions of copies and been translated in 43 languages .

It was adapted to film in 1986 by the French Jean-Jacques Annaud with Sean Connery in the role of brother William of Baskerville, the former inquisitor to investigate the suspicious death of a monk in a monastery in northern Italy.

Packed with Latin, thriller this renowned semiotician the affable round was even the target of pirate editions, including in Arabic under the title “Sex in the convent” ….

This small-son editor from the petty bourgeoisie, recounted started writing at the age of ten stories that he realized himself publishing.

Born in Alessandria (northern Italy) January 5, 1932, he studied philosophy at the University of Turin and dedicated his thesis to the “aesthetic problem in Thomas Aquinas “. This specialist in medieval history, which translated into Italian Nerval and knew by heart Cyrano de Bergerac, also worked for the Italian public broadcaster Rai, an opportunity for him to study the treatment of culture by media.

A polyglot, married to a German, Eco has taught at several universities, especially in Bologna (north) where he held the chair of semiotics until October 2007, when he retired . Umberto Eco said to have placed on the later fiction because “he considered writing fiction as a breeze that did not take seriously.”

After the “Name the rose “, he has offered his readers” Foucault’s Pendulum “(1988),” the island of the day before “(1994) and” the mysterious flame of Queen Loana (2004). ” His latest novel, “zero issue”, published in 2014 is a contemporary thriller centered on the world of the press.

Man left

Men left, Umberto Eco was not the writer locked in his ivory tower and clarinet player wrote regularly for the weekly L’Espresso.

After the election victory of Silvio Berlusconi in 2008, he devoted an article to the return of the spirit of the 40s, wishing to “hear similar discourses on” the defense of the race ‘that not only attacked Jews, but also Gypsies, Moroccans and foreigners in general. ”

His last fight was conducted alongside other writers, including Sandro Veronesi (Chaos calm) to protect the publishing pluralism in Italy after the acquisition of RCS Libri by Mondadori, property the Berlusconi family.

Umberto Eco joined with other authors a new publishing house called “La nave di Teseo” (Theseus’ ship, the legendary king of Athens), led by Elisabetta Sgarbi, former editorial director of Bompiani, flagship of the RCS group, editor in Italy Umberto Eco, but also the French Michel Houellebecq.


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