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César 2016: what are the chances of three memories of my youth? – Cinema

All the emotions of Caesar 2016 BNP Paribas.

It tells what? The youth of Paul Daedalus, hero in 1996 How I Got Into an Argument (my sex life) fictional alter-ego Arnaud Desplechin. This is the origin story of Antoine Doinel Roubaix. As if Truffaut filmed The 400 Blows 20 years after Domicile Conjugal .

What’s with that? Mathieu Amalric time of the prologue and epilogue, but mostly full of young unknowns, including Quentin Dolmaire (in young Amalric) and Lou Roy-Lecollinet, aka Esther, who had the traits of Emmanuelle Devos at the time of How I Got Into an Argument

Appointments. 11 in total, the record of this ceremony, tied with Margaret . Film, director, screenplay, Promising Actor, actress, photography, editing, sound, scenery, costumes, music

Why it was necessary to see it. After a jaunt US limply welcomed (. Jimmy P ), Desplechin returns to its truffaldienne vein: romantic, autobio, epistolary. Depending on your sensitivity, it sticks you chills or makes you want to throw you out the window. But impossible to deny that Three memories of my youth is a centerpiece of desplechinesque puzzle, a magnum opus driven by a “existential doubt, a modern idea of ​​reconquest that, in a love-hate gesture made Desplechin rewrite the history of his family and civilization. “As it was called in first in May.

It leaves with what? Three memories of my youth began her some fashion career lose. His non-selection at Cannes was clearly a snub from Thierry Fremaux. After five laps in compète (either with almost all his films), Desplechin was done mean by delegate general we could not return to Cannes table indefinitely without ever winning anything. Hard blow. But the draft of the film by the Directors’ Fortnight gave him back a rebel outsider luster. It was at that point that the film began its long love story with the press (this is the sixth favorite movie of French critics in 2015, according to the accreds site, peeling all movie tops of the hexagon) . With Margaret is also the only serious competitor of Caesar escapes the realistic and social horizon of French cinema (the axis-Brizé Bercot-Faucon). And although Desplechin fan club seems to have leveled (the film has 216,000 entries, roughly the score of Jimmy P. , and half that Kings and Queen and A Christmas Carol ), his stature, it is changing. This is one of the major authors of French cinema with Audiard, Kechiche and Bonello. Everyone agrees on this, even those who do not like his movies. It might therefore be time Desplechin (named 11 times in all the Caesars in his career, left empty-handed each time) pocketed a prize for the best real. Grosse also rated for its young players. Desplech is a maker of “best hope”: Emmanuel Salinger was Best Male Newcomer in 93 to The Sentinel , Mathieu Amalric, best hope 97 to How I Got Into an Argument

the equation win of Caesar:

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Explanation: This is the time of Truffaut Desplechin. Three memories of my youth was not the monster success of Last Metro but no one today disputes that the king of the post-New Wave has reached maturity. Ray hopes Quentin Dolmaire probably worried to face Rod Paradot, the ball of High nerves Head . Paul Daedalus Version Caesar therefore likely to keep the lines of Mathieu Amalric. But Lou Roy-Collinet, she has all the chances to succeed in Louane Emera best actress. His real credible competitor, Camille Cottin, is probably too identified for qualified hope. Lou Roy is Queen?


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