Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Eagles of Death Metal in Paris: “a moment to remember” – Echo Républicain

“Take a moment to remember.” Three months after the tragedy of the Bataclan, the Eagles of Death Metal have returned Tuesday night in Paris, on the stage of Olympia, for a show under high security and emotionally charged for the band and its fans.

for nearly two hours, the “EODM” showed pure “rock’n’roll attitude” based on long solos, heavy batteries with a bonus a broken guitar on the stage and a moving breakaway in the audience for the late singer in concert.

From their appearance on the music of “It’s five o’clock, Paris wakes up” by Jacques Dutronc, and a long final ovation, the audience, which included many survivors of the attack, some came with crutches, warmly acclaimed musicians. Although some viewers could not hold back their tears once relit lights.

“We’ll have a good time tonight, no one can stop us,” he told the group leader, Jesse Hughes, who wearing his usual glasses with pink lenses, black T-shirt and red suspenders group.

But before celebrating the rock, the band had a thought for the victims time to a silent pause in the middle of the first title, “take a moment to remember, and then begin to play,” said Josh Homme behind his drums. Later, they dedicate a song to the commercial manager of the group, killed at Bataclan.

“I love you bastards, you have no idea how,” shouted several times to the crowd Jesse Hughes .

“you and I are stuck with this: I became Parisian I needed you and you have not let me down.” he adds

<. p> the one we saw crying repeatedly evoking the tragedy of Bataclan and has sometimes caused some reactions with pro-gun statements chose to stick to his role as hard-rocker, micro or guitar in hand, raising his glass to the health of the room and then wrapping a blue-white-red scarf around his neck

-. “Closing the loop” –

Revenue on stage with an electric guitar there as the colors of France, Jesse Hughes ended up shirtless, and a long embrace with his friend Josh Homme, absent from the concert Bataclan but arrived the day in the French capital to attend this concert particular.

“I really managed to have fun,” he told AFP on leaving the concert smile on his lips, with his crutches, Emmanuel Wechta, 42. “I did not come to therapy but to have fun and that’s what I did.”

In another survivor, Alexis, 26, who had taken a seat in balcony “three meters of an emergency exit,” “the concert was a difficult three-quarters of the time.” He referred in particular drum sounds reminding him too strongly the “sounds of detonations” Bataclan.

“It was only reminders that I’m having fun,” he adds. But it is nevertheless satisfied for staying and hope to return to a concert in the coming months.

A Julien Baratian, 27, the concert also “feels good”. “It is a way of closing the loop.”

A team of thirty people with psychologists was present throughout the concert at L’Olympia to help the survivors and their families .

a security perimeter of exceptional magnitude had also been set up just outside the room.

the group has taken over the weekend in Stockholm that the international tour it had suspended the day after the attack in which 90 people were killed during his concert at the Bataclan. They will play in Europe, South America, North America and Australia. Two concerts are still planned in France, Nimes March 2 and Lille on 7 March.

In return, EODM no longer offers “Kiss the Devil,” the title as the band played at the attack.

Eagles of Death Metal would like to be the first band to play again when the Bataclan hall will reopen. An expected reopening end of 2016 after renovation.


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