Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Concert Eagles of Death Metal: I love you, motherfuckers! – Le Figaro

WE WERE – Behind their mustachioed leader, Jesse Hughes, the rock band has completed his concert at the Olympia on 13 November. Two hours of show to exorcise fears and pain.

This is one of those concerts that history will remember. The killing of the Bataclan on 13 November 2015, has not only ravaged France but also the world of music. 90 rock’n’roll died under fire from terrorists, just because they chose to go up fist and nod to one of their favorite band, The Eagles of the Americans Death Metal, also known for their sharp riffs and heavy bass for their bawdy humor and mustache of its leader, Jesse Hughes.

Three months after the barbarity, the group made an appointment to his “friends” at the Olympia in Paris. Since they have experienced the horror together, they share an unbreakable bond. Jesse Hughes, the American redneck caricature says even now be “French forever.” To keep living, do not give reason to terrorists, he was back on stage. Invite his people to set foot in a concert hall. Saturday, February 13, in Stockholm, the Eagles of Death Metal have therefore restored the kickoff of their aborted tour in November, now called “Our Friends Tour” (in French in the text).

“My mother was afraid, but she does not deter me”

Tuesday, February 16, they were back in Paris to “terminate” the concert on 13 November. A date that focused a lot of expectations, both on the training side of the survivors. All those who had survived the barbarism had the opportunity to exchange their ticket to attend this new delivery of Eagles of Death Metal. For many, this was a challenge. From a “symbolic moment, a form of catharsis, not to allow to move on – that’s impossible – but to take a step,” as we confided Nicolas Stanzick, survivor of the shooting that had chosen come see the Eagles of Death Metal.

from the entrance, everything indicated that nothing would be ordinary

on the surface, the ingredients of an ordinary rock concert gathered 16 February. Yet from the entrance of the Olympia, also indicated that he would not. white and red cords to encircle the room. police control to examine bags and coats but also to verify that the identity cards are in compliance with the tickets. And one more dig a few meters away. Then another, with metal detectors. In the queue to enter, each patient without brilliance. “My mother was afraid, but it does not put me off,” says a young woman to her friend. At the heart of the lush red of the room, a few people stand on crutches. Standing ready to do battle to the sound of rock’n’roll.

It’s five o’clock. Paris wakes up . Yet it is with a song by Jacques Dutronc the Eagles of Death Metal have chosen to go on stage. The crowd is already cheering. A couple, balcony, hugging each. Jesse Hughes arrives in his black T-shirt, his red suspenders and pink glasses, accompanied by his clique and his partner Josh Homme on drums, who was not there the night of the Bataclan. “We’re here to rock and no one will stop us,” he loose the microphone, before moving with I Only Want You , the flagship title of the latest album Down Zipper group.

The minute of silence interrupted

The Eagles of Death Metal are interrupted. “Take a moment to remember, and then begin to play.” Alas, the minute of silence lasted barely twenty seconds. “Furry” says someone in the congregation. “Shut up,” meet the others. It is in a rock concert. A beer squirts. Philippe Manoeuvre is the balcony. A pogo begins to form. Fists rise and form the sign of the horns. Jesse Hughes donned the glasses case on the ground one of his guitars and throws debris into the audience. A blue-white-red scarf reaches him from the pit. He puts it around his neck.

A total of two hours of concert during which the music takes its course. “I love you, motherfuckers,” will become one of the mantras of Jesse Hughes repeated to the crowd. His declaration of love to him. The end is near. Eagles of Death Metal back on stage to the sound of Brown Sugar Rolling Stones. Jesse Hughes disappears from scene to better reappear on the balcony where he continues to do crazy, while the guitar solos and bass are linked. The light comes back on. All eyes in the room are wet. But smiling. The couple, the balcony is hugged again. Happy to be here, to have lived this historic moment, the first concert of the rest of their lives.


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