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Oscars 2016: last year DiCaprio? – Télé

Sunday, February 28 will be held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, the 88th Academy Awards. And if the edition in 2016 finally gave his statuette for Leonardo DiCaprio, who holds the record until now sterile appointments?

To avoid falling into the programmed boredom awards assorted endless thanks, good Oscars needs carefully measured ingredients, in addition to traditional humorous skits, choreographed songs and other red carpet star-studded. One that will reward the 2016 winners has all what it takes to be part of the memories. Until the next year, of course.

A beautiful controversy for weeks, has raised the temperature

Behind the banner # OscarsSoWhite, almost all of Hollywood professionals gave their opinion in recent weeks about the lack of diversity among the candidates for the golden statuette. Most speakers were extremely correct, probably sincere and reasonably humanists. Certainly, they lamented, named Oscar are overwhelmingly white and that’s all Hollywood biotope should be reformed, since the voters (also white to 90%) to leaders of studios in through the funding system that favors only rarely films whose generic is mainly composed of black actors. Some, like Meryl Streep, never late for a sensational statement lambasted a breathless system: “ If decisions are taken by a single group of people whose tastes determine whether a film will or not then one type of films will be made. ” In a militant register, some people like Jada Smith Pinket or Spike Lee announced their decision not to make the trip to the Dolby Theater while for the delight of commentators, others distinguished themselves, how to Charlotte Rampling and Michael Caine in with unfortunate words that have earned them an involuntary celebrity resurgence. It is therefore expected that many episodes relating to this controversy punctuate the evening, beginning with the highly anticipated actor Chris Rock opening address at which returned heavy emcee job. Being one of the few blacks in the evening, it should have something to say.

A intolerable suspense to end an equally intolerable injustice

Obviously this is to the soft Leonardo DiCaprio profile all eyes converge on time to appoint the best male actor (and therefore white) of the year. The actor 34 years old is poised to set the unenviable record of sterile appointments, strange for the best actor of his generation. It would therefore be extremely surprising that the statuette still eludes him this year, especially since it has spared no efforts in the movie Alejandro Iñárritu, The Revenant , a grandiose fresco trapper through hundreds of kilometers of snowy country to complete a well-deserved revenge. The film and the actor, well supported by the story of a Dantesque shooting, have already won almost every award season, including the Golden Globe, SAG Award, the DAG Award ansi that last week, the Bafta the reward of British cinema. Suffice to say that it is on track even though the wonderful world of cinema as much love stories with happy endings that eternal tragedy.

trailer for The Revenant, Alejandro Iñárritu (2015).

How far the miracle Mustang can he accomplish?

Since its revelation at Cannes last year in the section of the directors’ fortnight, the first film of the Franco-Turkish director Deniz Gamze Ergüven no end to collect honors and awards. Always well placed if not victorious in a dozen festivals, the film has achieved an almost perfect career in theaters, bringing in France more than 500 000 entries, a feat for a first independent film in Turkish, with unknown actors the battalion. In January, it was even the film that received the most entries, three months after its release in the Télérama festival that presents fifteen favorite movies of writing. Finally, just to spice up the table, Mustang has already been nominated for the Césars (and who is left with four awards including Best Debut Film).

Au- beyond the figures and first prize, Mustang has especially revealed a young filmmaker and allowed the french cinema to distinguish themselves by choosing this film as standard bearer. Mustang in Hollywood in the name of France, it is a way of saying that the country is a stronghold of the cinema, where directors from around the world can come and get the funding and some of their public . In a context where refugees transiting a large part precisely by Turkey to knock on the door of Europe, the message is attractive, even if it remains in the register of beautiful symbol. This will all be there enough to pocket the Oscar for best foreign film? Nothing is less safe because, along with Mustang, stand strong competitors including Embrace of the serpent Ciro Guerra, sumptuous dreamlike journey into the Amazon, and especially the Son of Saul Laszlo Nemes, revelation of the Cannes film Festival, which redefined the representation of the Holocaust in film.

trailer Son of Saul, László Nemes (2015).

A big surprise

No Oscars (or Caesar) without an outsider who outwits all forecasts. In this category by definition unpredictable, it would be cruel to wish a golden destiny to Michael Fassbender for Steve Jobs or great Bryan Cranston for Trumbo (not yet released in France) so at the expense of Leonardo DiCaprio. However, two categories seem more open than they look. First, the Academy Award for Best Actress. If Brie Larson finds favor with punters for now, it would be just as Cate Blanchett could save the honor of sumptuous Carol Todd Haynes, shamefully forgotten in the category of best film. Second, it is not impossible that the triumph of The Revenant will eventually stumble on the last and most important step of his grand slam announced. Both films, in recent months, demonstrated in totally different registers that blockbusters could happen superheroes and superpowers: Spotlight , journalistic epic of a classicism based Tom McCarthy, and Mad Max Fury Road Australian veteran George Miller, future president of the Cannes jury, that electrified the fans of his early films while managing to capture a young audience eager for thrills. Both, though qu’outsiders, are sized to snatch from the hands of Alejandro Iñárritu one second statuette everyone promises.


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