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“10 Cloverfield Lane”, a smart and endless buzz of Bad Robot – Télé

J.J. Abrams produced discreetly “Cloverfield Lane 10″ … His production company Bad Robot had fun, as usual, to disseminate tracks and puzzles on the Internet, to thicken the mystery surrounding the film and stir the curiosity of spectators.

Typically, Hollywood studios are more the type to let the merits of their future films for years in advance. With 10 Cloverfield Lane , J.J. Abrams has done exactly the opposite. After the omnipresence of his Star Wars: the Force Revival in recent months, and while all the spotlight was on him, the director has managed the feat of producing a film in total secrecy. Moreover at a time when the Internet and social networks can relay and wring any info in just a few hours.

Until January 2016, no one had heard of 10 Cloverfield Lane , film surprise to malignant marketing campaign as knows so well Bad Robot, the production company of Abrams. Among other examples, recall the success of Lost Experience, an alternate reality game (ARG or, Alternate Reality Game) released in 2006. Abrams and his cronies co-writers of the series, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse had made a kind of treasure hunt where you had to use the Net resources (and sometimes fake sites created specifically), social networks and even conduct research in “real” life, to overcome of a gigantic puzzle built from the esoteric world of the series. Blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, Lost Experience had trained thousands of players in this fiction embedded within the official fiction.

A trio in a bunker

It is only two months before its release that the American public discovered the teaser 10 Cloverfield Lane , on the occasion of the screening of the new Michael Bay, 13 Hours, before Internet broadcasting. This first teaser showed life in captivity of a trio in a kind of bunker with a certain insouciance and serenity in the air, until the situation escalates.

10 Cloverfield Lane was it a new closed-door suspense? Actually, more than that, since discovering the name of the movie, the audience immediately made the connection with Cloverfield , horror fiction and science fiction a great success in 2008 and already produced by Bad Robot. In an interview Rolling Stone , Mary Elizabeth Winstead, lead actress of 10 Cloverfield Lane , has also explained that the director Dan Trachtenber – unknown discovered by JJ Abrams through his short film Portal: No Escape – had warned of the spread of trailer only an hour before … on this occasion, she also learned the movie title. On the set, she had vaguely heard of The Cellar or Valencia , but never Cloverfield. ..

another teaser shown at the SuperBowl confirmed that JJ Abrams had probable ambition to create a “Clover -verse , “a universe around Cloverfield . The 2008 film had cost $ 25 million and 170 million reported global revenues. Based on footage shot in found footage , he showed the New York City became the prey of a monster that annihilated everything in its path. 10 Cloverfield Lane could it be a sequel, to Cloverfield a franchise in the indie allure? Internet began to rustle questions …

Thanks to the teasers and the trailer, Now you know 10 Cloverfield Lane is the story of a forced confinement of two people (the young actors Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and John Gallagher Jr.) by John Goodman terrifying in the role of kidnapper … or savior? According to him, in fact, a serious external threat endangers them. The same monster that destroyed New York in Cloverfield ? The clues scattered by Bad Robot on the Net have continued to generate new questions.

Mystery and interaction

Reddit forum has become one the “boudoir” favorites to share his research results: the fans had fun discovering the identity of Howard Stabler, the character played by John Goodman, to discover their status, in February 2016, of “employee of the month” in the Japanese oil company Tagruato. This fictitious company created by Bad Robot (which has its own website) is quoted in several series produced by the production house ( Fringe, Lost, Alias ​​), but also in Cloverfield … who had already received a marketing campaign based on the mystery and interaction with users.

As often in the expanded universe of Bad Robot, a website was created to provide some answers, or additional clues. Thus, looking Radioman 10 in Google – inscription written on the shirt Howard Stabler – one lands on A site full of tracks. An example: the computer image from the film Pretty in Pink Howard Deutch – Candy Pink in VF, refers to a password. On Reddit, one breath that he must return Do you want to talk? to enter a letter that Howard addresses his daughter Megan. In the latter, he speaks of an impending attack, and building his bunker – the bunker of the film

Before entering themselves in this intriguing and scary building when single projection. organized Friday 11 March press in Paris, journalists are seen distribute a flashlight and whistle survival that also compass and magnifying glass office … so many favorable elements ( good ) buzz, not to mention the good press reviews which took the audience in theaters: 10 Cloverfield Lane , budget, say, 5 million (five times less than Cloverfield ), was up $ 25.2 million in revenue for its opening weekend in the US.


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