Monday, March 21, 2016

US box office: Zootopie resists Divergente 3 – Screenrush

The animated film from Disney passes the 200 million in revenue while the third installment of the saga Divergent reports about 30 million greenbacks for its opening weekend …

American box office of 18 to 20 March 2016: Top 5

success of Zootopie continues in the US! The animated film from Disney topped the revenue for the 3rd consecutive week and above passes the symbolic $ 200 million on US soil (in the world, the movie has already almost $ 600 million greenbacks!)

“Zootopie” tops the list of entries for the 3rd consecutive week and pass the 200 million in revenue in the US

as in France, the divergent saga shows signs of slowing. The third component therefore failed to steal in the first place Zootopie entries for its opening weekend (in front of a movie poster on 4 March) but above shows results far below first two. In 2014 Divergent had grossed over $ 54 million during its launch weekend, one year later the insurgency brought more than 52 million.

“Divergent 3″ carries a lower start to two previous saga …

Miracles from Heaven, the new drama for religious tinge producers of Heaven is for Real, makes a full house on its public for its first weekend. The film worn by Jennifer Garner already has nearly 20 million in revenue for a budget … posted 13 million. This success confirms the attractiveness consisting for these movies for the predominantly Christian public (God’s Not Dead, War Room, Son of God …) in the United States.

The success of “Miracles from Heaven “confirms the attractiveness of the American public for films with a religious tone.

Present also the last week, but in the top 3, 10 Cloverfield Lane Deadpool and continue their beautiful and merry way. Incidentally, the anti-hero played by Ryan Reynolds reached $ 340 million in revenue (it grossed over $ 730 million worldwide) and exceeds Guardians of the Galaxy (333 million revenues in 2014) box US office

“Deadpool”. the visual effects of the scene intro decrypted

Screenrush Zap Parodies


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