Thursday, March 24, 2016

Arrow Season 4: Episode 17, the promo video, Oliver between life and death! – June News

last night season 4 d ‘Arrow finally made a comeback. The promotional video of episode 17 has just arrived and Oliver will be between life and death in “Beacon of Hope” …

Oliver seems to endure endless suffering!

After weeks of waiting, the rest of the season 4 of Arrow has finally been unveiled. Fans waiting for this moment with impatience as they would learn more about the couple’s future Olicity . In episode 16 of season 4 of Arrow, Oliver and Felicity were married. The ceremony was quickly interrupted by Cupid. The latter insisted on destroying couples and people in love. Anyway, we have to wait another short week to discover the rest of the season 4 of Arrow. The promotional video of episode 17, titled “Beacon of Hope” , has just arrived and Oliver and between life and death . How will he get out this time?

A new threat seems to have set in Star City. In the promo video of “Beacon of Hope” , a young woman attack the inhabitants of the city with bees. If his deadly venom seems, it gets worse. Once bitten, thousands of bees develop inside a human body. It’s a race against time. In its fight against the new villain, Oliver is touched. The Green Arrow seems to endure unbearable suffering . Who will be able to save the vigilante? We’ll have to wait until March 30 next to find episode 17 of season 4 of Arrow. So what did you think of the last episode of the series?

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