Friday, March 25, 2016

Valerian, “Luc Besson remains true to the spirit of the comic” – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – Jean-Claude Mezieres, co-creator of the adventures of the space-time agent, decrypts to Le Figaro the first official photo film adapted from his work by the director of Fifth element .

Luc Besson is an admirer of the first hour of Valerian and Laureline, two spatiotemporal agents created in 1967 in the journal Driver by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres. The director of Fifth Element just put online a first image of the two heroes, incarnated on screen by Dane Dehaan and Cara Delevingne.

The cliché has clearly conquered Jean-Claude Mezieres, very happy to see “the reality join the fiction.” Ten years after signing a first contract adaptation, the designer, who visited repeatedly the scene of the shooting in Saint-Denis, said he was “impressed” by the costumes and sets. To Le Figaro he gives his opinion on this first iconic image

LE FIGARO. – Valerian is finally adapted to film. What do you think of the first image

Jean-Claude MÉZIÈRES – It shows a new aspect, more finalized. My two heroes substantially similar to those of my comics. But when I went on the set, I noticed that the colors there were darker, browner. But honestly, this first image is very compelling. Luc Besson remains true to the spirit of the comics.

studios in Saint-Denis what have you discovered?

I was particularly blown away by the monstrosity of the decorations. I have seen the foolish costumes. I saw extraordinary masks. I had in front of me a world that I was literally blown. I had the impression of walking on my drawings. But I have not seen the ship Valerian!

“Basically, I’ve always dreamed of seeing Valerian take off to the movies.”

How do you feel seeing your BD finally adapted to the cinema?

First of all, I want to clarify that the film is more inspired by the Ambassador of shadows the Empire of thousand planets . Personally, it makes some months now I get used to the idea that my comics to be adapted to film. I signed a contract first matching it ten years ago. But I thought it would never happen. Now finally the reality meets fiction. Basically, I always wanted to see Valerian take off to the movies. I can say I am very happy today.

You seem very enthusiastic …

Indeed. And I’m very happy for French cinema. The big movies always feed the little ones. I think that Luc Besson is more like a romantic comedy space. It should be very funny. In any case, it will be something that American science fiction movies that always put the war at the center of the plot. We must stop believing that the future of the Earth must go with the war. In our albums, Pierre Christin and I have done everything that Valerian and Laureline represent anything but learning the war.

A film anecdote she marked you?

Oh yes, I remember a sequence in which Laureline (played by Cara Delevingne) settles accounts during a vigorous exchange with Valerian. This may have lasted a few seconds, but I found it enjoyable. So much so that I intend to apply for the achievement of Valerian 5 ! (Laughs)


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