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  • As Benjamin, the main character of the film Hippocrates, have you ever forgotten to do an electrocardiogram

Thomas Lilti : “I was outside at the time (a medical student before boarding), that is the difference with the movie, so my responsibility was limited. Indeed, all external were responsible for an electrocardiogram in patients who entered the service. then one patient was admitted at night, a very restless night. There was a lot entries that day, many emergencies, and I forgot to do this electrocardiogram. the internal and department head were supposed to interpret the electrocardiogram but no one spoke to me. and the next day, When the patient died internal and leaders have sought ECG, I told them that I had forgotten to do so they had the guilt of not having looked leaders told me… “you say you have done well this ECG and they will say it was normal. ” They asked me to lie “

Thomas Lilti .” Doctor, this is the profession where there is the largest number of suicides to farmers and police . It is a question of art. A doctor of life is a life with many medical errors are required! It is a mistake, we can not always know everything. The idea is to be the best but everyone is fallible. It’s hard to share especially when doing private practice. At the hospital, we can share is a collective medicine. In private practice, it is more complicated, it is sometimes found alone in misdiagnosis, to blame, to hesitate “

Thomas Lilti “. This is a subject that touches me, that’s true. Often older people wish to die at them while there is not really appropriate structures. 80% of people in France die in hospital. Why this paradox? If in addition, the doctor and nurse disappear campaigns, the elderly will not be able to stay at home. It takes around an organization, for that very old people can die at home “

Thomas Lilti .” The country doctor is a form of doctor family unless he exercises in the country. But in the city, we find exactly the same. There are doctors who continue to live their medicine in this priesthood in this vocation is general practice “

Thomas Lilti “. It’s a job very addictive where care is not only something that the doctor gives the patient. It is an exchange, the physician receives a lot of his patient: recognition, consideration, a form of love and dependence. The bonds created are very strong, almost indestructible. The doctor will do anything for his patients and thus to sacrifice his own sentimental and family life. The priesthood, that’s it. “

  • What is your campaign of medical experience?

Thomas Lilti : “I have worked for more than four years in the country where I replaced physicians holding and that’s when I discovered this business later on. I had not learned to the faculty. All my courses were held at the hospital. Only six months in a general medical practice in nine years of study, while I am predestined to practice general medicine! So I was not at all prepared for this country medicine “

Thomas Lilti .” I am a doctor, no matter what. That’s the real answer. The cinema is an adventure, not a job. It is a passion, I love it. My job, my training is medicine and even if I do not practice, I am doctor. When to fill the job box on an administrative form, I will put a doctor and no director or screenwriter. Like I did tell Reda Kateb in Hippocrates , a doctor is not a job it’s a curse. The die is cast, ten years of study, it is not forgotten so “

Thomas Lilti .” I started in second year of medicine. I conducted my studies in parallel and cinema very self-taught. Until the fourth year, I realized short films. Then I started to make films even more serious. I have sworn a few weeks before the start of filming of my first feature “ Blindfolded ” Jonathan Zaccai and Guillaume Depardieu. “

Thomas Lilti : “Yes of course. For three years, I completely stopped practicing, I have more time. To do its medical business, it takes time just to not do it lightly. I did not have the necessary concentration, so I decided to put aside the medicine currently. What I miss is the link with patients. It is a selfless profession, it’s nice to give time to others, and in the movies, things are more egocentric so it’s true that I miss it. “

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