Thursday, March 24, 2016

3 divergent still leading, Zootopie wins spectators – Cinema

The leading trio in the weekly rankings is the same as last week . Divergent 3 has attracted 571,521 spectators in 640 additional rooms (-27%), 1.3 million in two weeks. It should quickly beat the final score of the first part, but a lot less than the second episode, The Uprising , which had passed the million and a half in two weeks and 2.4 million at the end of race. In the US, this suite has bad start , earning 44% less than its predecessor in its first weekend in theaters. A blow to Lionsgate, which still has an episode to turn to conclude the franchise since the third book written by Veronica Roth has been cut into two parts to the movies.

complicated future of the saga Divergent

the Revenant follows with only 14% attendance drop. For its fourth week on the screen, the movie carried by Leonardo DiCaprio has elapsed 409,070 additional tickets, 3.2 million in all. This is the fifth biggest hit of the career of the star in France, between 3.5 million Catch Me If You Can 3.1 and Shutter Island .

Leonardo DiCaprio hit at the french box office

Zootopie so closes the podium with 327,039 spectators over, representing a up 12% from last week. This is partly explained by the reduced rates of Printemps du Cinéma, organized from Sunday to Monday. Over this period, 2.2 million people attended the event in theaters (400 000 less than last year entries). Offered in 743 rooms as he has been out for over a month, the latest animated Disney film has already sold 3.8 million tickets. A big hit!

The only new to the top 5 are Marseille and 10 Cloverfield Lane . Comedy Kad Merad combines 322,914 tickets for 285 screens, which offers him the best average of the week: 1133 characters per room. The closed session produced by J.J. Abrams has in turn intrigued 262590 curious, distributed in 277 cinemas.

Note that the rest of the ranking, comedy The Cow has gained 30% attendance in the fifth week and Deadpool has lost only 3. If they gently out of the top 10, it still represents more than 150 000 additional spectators, which allow the French comedy of cross . a million tickets and offbeat superhero film to reach 3.6 million

X-Men at the box office

French Box Office March 22


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