Monday, March 28, 2016

Jim Harrison, died poet wine and expensive – Liberation

From the taste, he wrote that it is “a mystery that undoubtedly finds its best expression in the wine.” The writer Jim Harrison, 78, died Saturday at his home in Patagonia ( Arizona), while “that he was writing a new poem,” reported his friend Philip Caputo, author of the bestseller a Rumor of War . A heart attack is thus deprived the author of Legends of the Fall , his flick ritual redhead when he put the pencil (10-18 ed.): “Just before I finished my work for the day, I use half a glass of French wine, had he told it. But I never abused. You know, even the fishing is impossible when you have a hit in the nose “ Jim Harrison liked to quote Horace: ” A water drinker will ever poet “

New York times saw him “Henry Miller of gastronomic writing.” one time he took care of a chronic mouth whose motto was “Eat or die”.

in 2002 he told the wine Revue de France have “acquired a taste for the good meat, products hunting, following [his] father in the forests of [his] childhood and savoring dishes the farmers of [his] grandmother. “ the definition of a bad time? “To find myself trapped in front of an empty glass between two balls puzzle” he had said in the same journal.

During one of his visits to France, 1993 to the output of at dusk (10-18), the ogre had told Montana, a red ball in hand, the microphone of Michel Field, eating this week- there “of the calf’s head three times” “So I feel much better.”

in the kitchen, he said: “This is the practice . of life itself “ Jim Harrison, who claimed not to drink Brouilly ” without thinking about the thighs of women, “ had also said: ” I started cook for not practicing adultery “

Jacky Durand


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