Tuesday, March 15, 2016

George Clooney feared for the life of Amal Alamuddin – The Point

Big blow of stress in Clooney. Alamuddin Amal, who married the actor in September 2014, would be the subject of death threats for several months. Lawyer on several sensitive cases, such intimidation would be linked to his involvement in the defense of the former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, who was forced to resign and finally arbitrarily sentenced last year to prison for “terrorism” . A more sensitive issue that would make an ideal target Amal. In September, one of the young lawyers of President Nasheed was assaulted with a knife in the Maldivian capital, which almost cost him his life, dagger narrowly missing his brain.

“Amal has recently received death threats linked to his defense of the former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed,” reports several Anglo-Saxon sources, including the International Business Times. “The Clooney were forced to take drastic measures to protect their ownership of Berkshire, said the site. Amal and George were advised not to travel without bodyguards and are driving to nearby restaurants. “

Neighbours annoyed

More specifically, the American star would have turned their famous mansion in Berkshire County fortified camp. Acquired for just over 12 million in 2014, the magnificent property seventeenth century is surrounded by water, like natural moat, allowing the curious away. But for safety’s sake, George Clooney would have added a battery of ultra sophisticated cameras to shield the outskirts, having taken care to negotiate with its neighbors. They had in fact already been widely stung by recent extensive work undertaken by the couple, causing endless stream of diggers and noisy trucks.

Accustomed to the quiet of their small village of Sonning at River Thames, and annoyed by these newcomers too media, people have finally accepted the installation of more cameras around the property, provided they are small, painted green and we can easily remove them one day.

According to the American tabloids, Clooney would even went further by making construct a “panic room” after its installation in the home, a walled room in which one can possibly find shelter if threatening intrusion – the rage among celebrities. A fire shielded room and ultra resistant to explosives if necessary … Who said that life of the stars was a bed of roses?


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