Sunday, March 20, 2016

Presentation to the Puy du Fou from the ring attributed to Joan of Arc – Le Point

About 5,000 people attended Sunday at the Puy du Fou in the presentation of a ring awarded to Joan of Arc, acquired in late February in London by the Vendée Leisure Park.

In the courtyard of the site, the ring, resting on a cushion placed in a glass reliquary worn on a wooden ark, made his entrance, under a guard of honor, open end of a procession by a hundred Saint-Cyr in uniform.

These, singing a hymn Officership were followed by some horsemen have put on an armor of knights, trimmed accompanied by a foot chainmail. All under many banners and applause from the audience.

“It’s a little piece of France who returns a parcel of our fallen greatness,” said before the crowd Philippe de Villiers, the founder leisure park in the courtyard.

the former politician then referred to a dispute with Britain about this ring. “The British government has done to our lawyer unprecedented demand: the return to the ring in London A request justified by the fact that it is a strong national symbolic object.”, Said M. has Villiers.

“the English government could preempt the ring at the time of the auction and now he regrets it,” he said. “We will take tomorrow the response of the French people to the British government: + English gentlemen, if you want to see the ring, you come here, Welcome to the Puy du Fou + … For the rest it’s too late (. ..) the ring is back in France and will remain, “said Philippe de Villiers.

the existence of such a dispute could not be confirmed UK source Sunday. According to a specialized British publication, The Art Newspaper, the export of an object such as this ring is subject to regulation. According to British law, says the publication, any object present in Britain for at least 50 years and whose value exceeds 39,219 Pounds -l’anneau was bought nearly 300,000 pounds must obtain an export license.

“This relic was not to end up behind the armored glass of a museum”, argued his side the very media historian Franck Ferrand. “You can never have complete certainty. No one will tell you that this ring is 100% that of Jeanne, but I think we can, in good faith, believe that it is the authentic ring “has he said.

The speeches were followed by La Marseillaise. Then, the reliquary containing the ring was then placed in the chapel where the public was invited to come and collect.

The ring, acquired in London for the sum of 376 883 euros, will be exposed for all season at theme park Puy du Fou “in a secure location,” have informed park officials.

at a news briefing, Nicolas de Villiers, director of park attraction, assured: “We have elements that allow us to assert that it is the ring of Joan of arc (…) history will record that the Jeanne d’arc ring is. Revenue in France forever. “

the ring was authenticated by a laboratory of Oxford as a medieval jewel dating from the fifteenth, gold plated, for the ray fluorescence method X. But uncertainty still hangs over the fact that he, or not, belonged to Jeanne d’Arc

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