Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 6: The evidence that makeup artists are geniuses (PHOTOS) – Virgin Radio

Yesterday, Twitter is full which was shocked by Twice As Far. This find of the writer, nobody had really seen it coming. So even if we could dwell on the shock episode or the imminent arrival of Negan today there will be no question of the series itself. So actually, the actors of The Walking Dead are incredibly talented and deserve that trophy. Only, what about the makeup? These walkers need makeup before each shoot, all these extras need to make horribly creepy, we will not talk not often. It takes hours of work, attention to detail and inevitably, a good dose of creativity . We remember that for episode 9 of season 6, lots of extras were present. We can already imagine the amount of work.

We sincerely hope that you were not before breakfast. What you should know is that over 100 people pass auditions at the beginning of each season. In most cases, they are even nearly 200 . It makes the world, we grant you. After seeing all these photos, we can only agree on the stunning result. Finally, it is the walkers that make the series, it’s official! Of course, you will find the next week on AMC.


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