Monday, March 21, 2016

Adele overwhelmed by the distribution of intimate photos – Le Figaro

A hacker violated the privacy of the singer and released private photos of the artist and his son on the social networks. A malicious act that deeply “shocked” the young woman of 27 years.

Adele is now part of the long list of victims personalities hack. After Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence, who recently quit his hacker, the British singer has seen hack late last week the email address of his companion, Simon Konecki. Within hours, intimate photos of the pregnant artist, five months pregnant with her son Angelo gushed against his will on the social networks.

Far from confining official shots of the star online, the hacker he seemed “distraught fan” of the singer has decided to hack the mail spouse. Before you publish everything on a Facebook page dedicated to Adele. It is also one of his admirers who reported to managers of the artist malicious act

Asked by The Sun , the latter explained.: “I was dismayed and shocked to Adele when I saw the pictures. I was disgusted to see that these people, who say they fan, broadcast these pictures. We had to stop them. If Adele had wanted to share these images, it would have. It’s his choice to show or not intimate photos of her and her son on the social networks. “

For the singer, the worst has happened. She told the Mirror last November: “People think I hate being famous. This is not the case, I’m just really scared. Seeing Amy Winehouse deteriorate is one of the reasons I’m so scared now. “

If for the time Adele has not yet expressed about the dissemination of its stolen photos, a relative told the Sun “When his managers told him for pictures, she was angry and upset.”


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