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Cannes 2016: A poster in break with previous – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – Thierry Fremaux, General Delegate of the event has deciphered for The Le Figaro the video of the 69th edition of the cinema event, which opens on May 11.

the poster of the 69th Cannes film Festival was unveiled Monday 21 March. Instead of the iconic face of a star close-up, the event this year decided to focus a picture from a movie. And what movie, because it is the Contempt Jean-Luc Godard, regarded by critics as the best feature film in cinema history.

Thierry Fremaux, General Delegate of the Festival, explains why he chose such a poster for this 69th edition

LE FIGARO. – This year, why have privileged traditional portrait a movie star, a film photo

Thierry FREMAUX – We felt the desire to change the usual posters that highlight the face of a personality of the 7th art. The while pursuing a thorough photographic work. I agree, it is always difficult to renew. So the idea was to evoke a rise of different steps from those in Cannes. The flight of stairs climbed by Michel Piccoli to the terrace of the Villa Malaparte Contempt seemed most appropriate. Especially with the dominance of the Mediterranean …

Why Contempt Jean-Luc Godard?

This is a game between Cannes and film lovers. There is absolutely nothing ostentatious in this choice. But this photo taken from the Contempt Jean-Luc Godard was irresistible. The movie is legendary. He accompanies our lives since its completion in 1963. Added to this is the desire to show the Mediterranean. In short, the opportunity was too good.

A golden poster solarized very …

This color is heat, fire. Without ignoring the heat of the body, of course. I also like to think that cinema brings the heat.

Is it also a way to make a nod to Jean-Luc Godard?

in fact, it’s a nod to one of the mythical figures of French cinema. Is it not logical to expect coming in the greatest auteur cinema festival, that of Jean-Luc Godard? I can not believe he agreed to travel to Cannes this year, but it is never forbidden to hope. I also know that it starts right now shooting his next film

The poster for the 69th Cannes Film Festival is eerily similar to Mad Max. Fury Road

That’s true. The visual treatment is almost identical to that used for the film of George Miller. Which also opened the 2015 festival and that this year will chair the jury. There is virtually a form of continuity that has developed. But this poster reminds me Green Sun , of Richard Fleischer, a masterpiece which also deals with the endangered beauty of our planet, and the difficulty of the safeguard, maintain that such ‘she is. This is also a warning. The beauty of the world has more occupy our consciences.

Can we then talk poster committed?

We wanted to create a poster visual break with earlier. An image that structure differently the idea of ​​Cannes, film, and the world in general. Across the Mediterranean reflected the image of Europe, which is experiencing a complex situation if one refers to the crisis of migrants … I can not stop thinking about them.

Moreover, it reminds me of the song lyrics in the Mediterranean Georges Moustaki, “in this basin where children play with black eyes, there are three continents and centuries of history. .. “the Cannes film Festival has this desire to include the movie in an eternal form, that of the sea, sun and art.


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