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Tried for defamation, two figures anti- “gender theory” drown the fish – Liberation

They had never seen the face of Celine (1) but have barely thrown him a look Thursday at the criminal court in Tours. Farida Belghoul (antiracist activist media in the 80s, now close to the far right) and Dalila Hassan are coprévenues. Celine, teacher, moved to the opposite alone side plaintiffs. Hassan and Belghoul continued respectively for “public defamation of a public official” and “complicity in defamation”. For it two years ago, accused of having Céline undress a little boy and a little girl of 3 years and they have done is “touch the genitals,” in class. discredited allegations, then, after a short investigation, but one can always find an online trace, in a video viewed 80,000 times.

In the preamble, the words ‘nursery’ “molestation to Joue-les-Tours” inscribed on black background. Then, the screen is Dalila Hassan speaks, an insurance manager thirty, local time in charge of the movement of school withdrawal Days (JRE), which is the founder Farida Belghoul. In March 2014, the controversy over the teaching of alleged gender theory in school full swing. Theory which, according to critics, would aim particularly through the prism of ABCD of equality, to promote homosexuality to children, with a lot of sex like lint and other works advocating masturbation. Once a month, the JRE therefore invite hundreds of thousands of families to withdraw their children from school in protest. The movement met, in places, with some success. And the efforts of Vincent Peillon, then Minister of Education, can do nothing against the surprising rumor: ABCD equality, tested that year in hundreds of classes and imagined the fight against sexism, were arrested in June 2014.

Three months earlier, to Joue-les-Tours, a few days before the JRE March, a Chechen mother spoke French very badly goes to kindergarten for complain about actions of the mistress of her son, Celine. The next day, at the exit of the school, more than a hundred anxious parents gather outside the establishment “rather quiet” located in priority areas. “It was a Friday the day was electric, the parents were doing whispering, “ remembers the director of the school, interviewed before the hearing. In this context comes in Messiah, Farida Belghoul called to the rescue by Dalila Hassan. In the aftermath, Hassan and Belghoul – that does not appear on screen but do not deny his presence in the room -tournent video incriminating the teacher with the help of a cameraman

. “There are many people who still think that the Earth is flat”

Céline and some friends met before trial, are still frightened of the scale has been able to take a rumor based on nothing “what is terrible is that it is so simple. It was so grotesque, “ Pascale sorry, teacher. A colleague: “There are many people who still think that the Earth is flat. We are in the irrational, in fantasy. “

Dalila Hassan is the first to be heard in the bar. Facing questions from the President, the mother, dressed in a black coat, drowns a bit. It attempts to minimize its role: “I relayed the words to help the Chechen mum at no time did I say that the facts were proven.” The Chair: “Mrs. Hassan, frankly, is what you think the court will believe you … “ the Chechen family has not filed a complaint against Céline, and never wished to comment on the case. Regarding the purpose of the video, badged JRE, the judge continues: “You do not believe, Madame, that [stuff] was a big shot com ‘? [...] It stands there an incident that is a great scoop [in the context of the controversy over gender theory]. [...] You are in a situation of accusation of sexual abuse and you, the first person you call is Farida Belghoul “ Answer:. ” It is known to have the experience in helping parents to. “

Heard in turn, Farida Belghoul, to whom we reproach the assembly and distribution of video, blames the cameraman, whom it accuses of “embezzlement” and with whom she said she stopped working a few months after the deal. A third man found during the investigation. His strong voice, she also blames YouTube, unconvincingly. Stung by the attitude of the prosecutor for it, she gets angry: “Sir, I do not allow you to talk to me that way!” Later: “I tell you I have not posted this video! “ in his jacket claret foot-holes, the fifties claims to have filmed the intervention of Dalila Hassan foremost because it ” archive “ everything she does.

“Company failing”

the case also has a political dimension, and the only trial witness is the current mayor Joue-les-Tours, Frederic Augis (LR). Some accuse him of having surfed gender theory to be elected, in particular distributing a leaflet which he has always denied being the author. March 30, 2014, it overrides the incumbent nearly two hundred voices

After the debate, the prosecutor asks:. “[Hassan and Belghoul] say that ‘they have not created the event. I begin to ask myself. “ It requires fines against them based on their income. For M th Chautemps lawyer Farida Belghoul, the culprit of history is above all the “climate” a “society in decay” that allowed that such affair broke. Outside the court, a handful of supporters Farida Belghoul made the trip. A father, his hair shaved: “I came to support because it fight against gender theory and defends our children.” The fire might be long extinct, the smoke is persistent. Judgment May 19

(1) The real name

Elise Godeau


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