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Philippe Geluck: “Jean-Pierre Coffe became a national monument” – francetv info

Since their collaboration on tray the Confidentially Yours , it became one of the closest friends of Jean-Pierre Coffe. Hours after the announcement of the death of the famous food writer, cartoonist Philippe Geluck told francetv information Wednesday 30 March, some of the memories shared with one of the big mouths of French television.

francetv info: How did you meet Jean-Pierre Coffe

Philippe Geluck: That was twenty years ago. I worked for the Swiss magazine The Illustrated . Jean-Pierre had at the time made inflammatory statements about the quality of Swiss chocolate. As I am a loyal, I had used a Cat drawing to reply on behalf of all the readers who wrote us, outraged. For the first and only time in my life, I had drawn chatting speaking as Jean-Pierre, blind with rage. He threw something like: “Go back to your country if you do not like chocolate, dirty bald!”

We met some time later on a TV tray, and despite his stiffly when he referred to my drawing, we all hit it on. We became friends at that time, before becoming real friends a few years later, when we started working with Michel Drucker on Confidentially Yours .

On dined together after the shows, we got to know … We became so close that we realized one day that we celebrated three successive Valentine’s day together with my wife. He laughed a lot, running “And to think we do not sleep together!” He was a true friend, much more than a professional relationship.

Who was he, beyond the man with rants Homeric that all France knew?

Jean-Pierre was the most difficult man, caring, generous, and cultivated in the world. He was enamored of beauty, painting and classical music. It was a great friend of the singer Natalie Dessay, he would listen to the four corners of the world. And then there was this epicurean side as everyone can imagine: During his life, he had to eat 18,000 pigs and drink the equivalent of the annual harvest of Bordeaux, Beaujolais and the Loire met

He was a champion of life, tenderness and humor. It happened regularly over half an hour on the phone, laughing like idiots. One day he told me that these times reminded him of those he spent with the actor Jean Carmet. It is a compliment that touched me deeply, knowing the place Carmet had had in his life.

A special memory you he comes back, when you think back to your friendship?

I remember a weekend in Brittany, in the house of the writer Jean Teulé with Miou-Miou, Coffe and his companion. We discussed the funeral of Jean-Pierre joked about a scene that took place a few years earlier: Coffe had gift Teulé two pies that John had not found terrible. Jean-Pierre had told him afterwards that it was two recipes tested it before offering them to Leader Price!

To punish him, we said that when he died, we would prepare a great pie with the meat, and it would be sponsored by Leader Price. He answered “I will, but do not touch my dick!”

What legacy he leaves the French?

Jean-Pierre raised awareness on the concept of quality. He spoke of the products, of course, but he cared above all people, jobs and their transmission. And it went further than the food industry; he loved the business of the garden, cabinetmakers, masons … It was a great defender of heritage and culture. At point, no doubt, become itself a national monument.

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