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Bridget Jones 3: the joys of pregnancy in a trailer – The Point

In the early forties, Bridget Jones is still a lonely soul. The first trailer of episode 3 of the series opens with the wedding of the single most hardened of England, but it is only a fantasy scene. Heroin addict her diary is alone a cupcake in hand, in pajamas on the couch. It is always the same song she will loop in his apartment, “All by Myself”. In the end, the character played by Renée Zellweger has not changed much. She is always so awkward. In this excerpt, she sprawls in the mud, causing her suitcases with her. She still loves partying and embarks on evenings until the end of the night. His weight remained its main concern and nobody takes it seriously at work.

Three different endings were shot

So where does the change? Bridget Jones will finally be forced to reach the age of reason: she is pregnant. But who? The young woman is separated from the ideal son Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), but still attracted to her ex. Funniest, she also seduced by claiming a second equally charming (Patrick Dempsey), a millionaire who lands in his life with a bouquet of flowers. The result is a total blur reigns over the identity of the father. The writers chose a radically different story from the last novel.

The mystery will remain unresolved because nobody, not even the cast of the film, does not know who the father of the child. To avoid leaks, the studio shot three different endings without informing the players of his final decision. “It’s quite clever, Renée Zellweger explained in an interview. Cast nobody knows who the father of Bridget’s baby or she will choose as a suitor. The plan is to keep us in the dark until the premiere of the film. “This trailer also shows two options to the scene of ultrasound: one where the heroine goes there with Mark Darcy, the other where the millionaire is at his bedside
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Not at all tired donning the third time slimming duct Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger has seen this third installment as a new challenge. “It’s part of the challenge to find out where she is in her new life. As an actress, it’s like meeting an old friend. I love this character, I love the idea that she tells stories of what it’s like to be a woman. It is seen telling the story of Bridget at this stage of his life. “Bridget Jones will land in theaters with his baby and his eternal heart problems on 5 October.


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