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The Walking Dead, Season 6 is Dwight, the new villain? – Cinema

After the excellent Paula ( Alicia Witt ), another member of the Saviors made his return last Sunday in episode 14 of season 6 of The Walking Dead : the terrifying Dwight. If you had a little trouble admit, this is quite normal. The boy appeared only in episode 6, last November, facing Daryl. At the time, he was not the same face or the same behavior. So who really is Dwight? And what happened to him? Warning spoilers


When we met Dwight (or “D”), for the first time, he was on the run and took advantage of the generosity of Daryl, robbing him of his motorcycle and his crossbow. Not very cool, but not a psychopathic killer either. Nothing to do with the mad that we found last Sunday, and who planted an arrow in the head Denise! “When it was introduced, all that was left was his moral and values. And he clung to the idea that the world could become again what it was “ says the actor Austin Amelio , in EW. “ But now it’s a completely different guy, who has adapted the apocalyptic world in which he lives. He is in cahoots with Negan. He still retained some, but it has adapted. He knows how the world works and that we can not go back. He completed his loop and understood how things really work in this world. “

the Walking Dead season 6: Daryl goes also in the episode’s trailer 15

Interestingly, there seems to have after Daryl. “ Yes and no,” says Amelio. “ There are certain rules to follow and the following Dwight, that’s all. For him, this is a business deal. Nothing ‘ other. that’s how it is now. He does not move an eyelash when Denise shade. “

Note that Dwight is a survivor that exists in comic Robert Kirkman . An important and controversial figure. In the comic, it is a major sidekick Negan, until his face is burned in steam by the chief of Saviours (because Dwight had the audacity to sleep with his wife, Sherry, who was nevertheless became the official mistress of Negan). Therefore, Dwight decides to help members of Alexandria

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Except in the series, some of these events has clearly already taken place off-camera. The boy’s face is already burned. It will therefore, of course, take a different path in its television version. Especially since in the comics, Abraham is not Denise who takes this arrow in the head. The Dwight series The Walking Dead may therefore be slightly different than BD.

This will see in the following season 6 the Walking Dead on AMC, and the next day in France on OCS.


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