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Literature: the great American writer Jim Harrison died at age 78 – Liberation

The American writer Jim Harrison, author of short stories and poems whose melodramatic “Legends of the Fall” died Saturday at the age of 78 years, reported the publishing house of the author known to be a bon vivant, fond of nature.

“America has lost one of its great writers and we have lost a family member,” wrote the Sunday new York publisher Grove Atlantic in a tweet . “His work will live on.”

Born in 1937 in Michigan, the author whose several books translated into French were a great success, died in the southwestern United States where he spent winters.

The writer who through his work had “explored the nature, the life of the mind and the pleasures of the flesh is death at his home in Patagonia, Arizona, at the age of 78 years, “writes about the New York Times, citing a statement from Grove Atlantic.

Philip Caputo, septuagenarian writer and author of the bestseller” a Rumor of war “on his memories of war Vietnam, praised on his Facebook page that he knew a friend of long standing.

“it was a dead poet, and literally had a pen in his hand, he was busy writing a new poem “when a heart attack struck him, Mr. Caputo forward, claiming to have found the death of his friend’s home one.

Jim Harrison wrote 21 fiction, 14 books poetry and essays, memoirs and a children’s book. In addition to the three new “Legends of the Fall” published in 1979, one of his greatest works is “Dalva” (1988) which chronicles the quest of a woman whose child was adopted.

– Hunter rattlesnakes –

one of the “Legends of the fall” was adapted for film in an eponymous film, where Brad Pitt (in the role of Tristan) falls for . the widow of his brother in a Montana ranch in the early twentieth century

Jim Harrison who still had published two books this year, released his first novel in 1971. “Wolf fictional memoir” is epic of a man stalking wolves in the woods of Michigan, explained the author writing during his convalescence after a hunting accident.

This passion for nature, the great outdoors and wildlife wild reflected in all the work of Jim Harrison, who divided his time between Arizona where he drove “all kinds of things” and Montana “where he got enthusiastic about rattlesnakes colonizing his garden,” says the New York Time.

I enjoy good food, a book was compiled in 2001 his writings on the subject.

Jim Harrison described himself as a manic-depressive, he smoked and drank heavily and his face was marked by an accident in childhood when a girl had put out his left eye.

It was a kind of “magnetism that attracted people of all kinds, film personalities to cattle producers like Jack Nicholson, passionate observation of birds, bird hunters to” a wrote his friend Philip Caputo in honoring him.



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