Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Paris – Death of Jean-Pierre Coffe, thundering slayer junk food – L’Express

Jean-Pierre Coffe, who collaborated with numerous media, was still one of the chroniclers of the show by Laurent Grosses Ruquier animated heads on RTL. According to the radio, which announced his death, he continued to come every week and was still gone these last days.

I would love it still berates me “, tweeted Tuesday night Ruquier Laurent, in homage to the food critic.

According to several media, he died in the night of Monday to Tuesday at his home in Lanneray, in Eure-et-Loir in circumstances which have not been disclosed.

Shaved, his famous round and colored glasses on, this jovial willingly prided anger, like its famous ham outings against vacuum.

Few media have escaped his rants pushed for thirty years both on television (he started on Canal Plus in 1984 and spent nearly ten years on France 2 alongside Michel Drucker) and radio (including RTL and France Inter with the cooking show “ it is not food, it is eaten! “).

Believing that we could eat for cheap, Jean-Pierre Coffe called consumers “ change their eating habits “, to focus on seasonal products, reconnect with the pleasure of cooking.

The moderator, who always claimed to pay the bill in restaurants because “ Freedom is the price “, also signed sixty books on cooking and gardening, cookbooks.

In an autobiography published in May 2015, “ A life Coffe “, he spoke of his difficult childhood (rejected by his mother, placed in foster care), but also his pain when his ex-wife had decided to abort or when he lost his daughter killed by cancer in 37 years.

He also confided his bisexuality.

Before that, in 2013, he published “ Stop eating crap ” (Flammarion). In 2002, he proposed to pass “ A family table with fifteen euros per day ” (Plon).

– ‘Do not know anything faire’-

I’m all alone against the food groups that do not stop to put me roadblocks “, he complained in 2005.

Still, he chained advertisements for brands. After a mission to Carrefour in the 2000s, he praised Weight Watchers yogurt. And above all, in 2009, he put his image in the service of chain Leader Price discount stores.

Critics have been many, but it was enough to wobble the man who had found their first job through a posting in the Figaro announcing: “ Do not do anything, but full goodwill . ”

This allowed him to start the commercial management of a cigarette paper brand.

Jean-Pierre Coffe, whose father died in the war in 1940, two years after his birth in Luneville, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, was raised in a house with his mother, hairdresser his grandmother cook and her grandfather gardener.

Located in a family as a ward of the nation, he also spent a year in the Jura countryside. But most current hens in the meadows and greens, he dreamed teenager to become an actor.

He enrolled at the Cours Simon in Paris. It also appeared in several films in the 70s and 80s ( “ Violette ” Claude Chabrol, “ The key to the door ” Yves Boisset. ..) as well as in TV movies.

Triste the disappearance of Jean-Pierre Coffe. Epicurien humor sharp. Dent hard and soft heart ,” responded the comedian Anne Roumanoff on Twitter at the announcement of his death.

It was not crap ,” added the actor and presenter Laurent Baffie.


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