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Italy: archaeological remains made by Switzerland –

Tuesday Italy , the Roman barracks section carabinieri responsible for the protection of cultural heritage was full of archaeological remains. Remains an English con man had hidden in the free port of Geneva and Switzerland has recently traveled to Rome.

The exhibition however, was not complete because of an Etruscan treasure strong result estimated at several thousand pieces. Quoted by our colleagues in the Point , General Capalbo explains to have “could expose that half the room, occupying 45 boxes. This is one of the largest recoveries of . ‘stolen last decades Italy has regained some of its history and its culture “

archaeological remains. Italy found a treasure

these remains date back to a period between the VI and the second century BC and are especially made of “two painted human figures and topped with Etruscan sarcophagi, a Roman sarcophagus, statues of animals, reliefs , marble busts, vases “.

for the Superintendent for archeology of southern Etruria Alfonsina Russo, the centerpiece of this treasure seems to appear as a fragmented mural: ” these Etruscan frescoes dating from the sixth century before Christ come from Cerveteri, north of Rome, one of them definitely from a temple.

It is extremely rare. There are only two similar copies, one in the British Museum, the other in the Louvre. It will enable us to make a leap forward in the understanding of the Etruscans. We are very moved. “

33 hideouts for an English rogue

This is Robin Symes, a British antiquarian today aged 76, who had hidden finally discovered these remains there is relatively little time. Following the death of his companion Christo Michaelides, the heirs of the deceased had requested to recover € 54 million.

and the investigation forces the British order to have revealed that Robin Symes was actually a crook which sourced from Etruscan tomb robbers ( “tombaroli”). He was sentenced in 2005 to two years in prison before the police taking knowledge the antique dealer had 33 hideouts containing archaeological remains

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