Saturday, March 12, 2016

Jesse Hughes apologizes for his insinuations about the safety of Bataclan – Le Figaro

Jesse Hughes, the leader of this group in the Paris concert hall in the killing of 13 November, regretted the insinuations that he made this week. He had questioned the safety of the premises the attack the night.

His statements have the effect of a cold shower. Wednesday, March 9, the US television network Fox Business , Jesse Hughes, lead singer of Eagles of Death Metal – this group on stage at the Bataclan in the attacks of 13 November – suggested that security was not sufficient in the concert hall that night and that the absent guards may have even been complicit terrorists.

About contradicted the next day by the owners and the Bataclan which the stoner rock formation singer has finally apologized on Friday 11th March. “I humbly ask forgiveness of the French people, staff and security guards Bataclan, my fans, my family, my friends, and any other injured or offended by the absurd accusations that I made” , told Jesse Hughes in a statement posted on the Facebook account of Eagles of Death Metal

“My suggestions that individuals affiliated Bataclan could have played a role in the events of November 13 are baseless and unjustified, and I take full responsibility, “he assured. The rocker tried to explain that his comments are in part due to trauma: “I am plagued by incessant nightmares and I try to make sense of this tragedy and madness following a therapy.” “I’m more myself since November 13,” he added.

Thursday, March 10, Bataclan had wished to recall that “all evidence collected to date demonstrate the professionalism and courage of these security teams on site November 13, 2015. Hundreds of people have likely been saved through their intervention. ” The owners of the premises had also assimilated the words of Jesse Hughes to “senseless declarations [...] to put on the account of the trauma.”


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