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“Midnight Special”: the run of the Third Kind – The World

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Jaeden Lieberher in American film Jeff Nichols, & quot; & quot ;. Midnight Special

the opinion of the “world” – to see

Fourth Film prodigy Jeff Nichols, born in 1978, Midnight Special the faltering beauty sketches. This means that we first touches by its incompleteness, this approach will never rush the object or fix it in a defined meaning. What gives to see the sketch (from the Italian schizzare “gush, squirt”), this is not a work, but the idea of ​​the work, the route of artist as gushing or the shortest route gesture to his thinking.

Two fugitives, with a child, run lights out, sinking stealthily in the night like on board a ghost car. The film is at first only this, a compendieuse equation, some terms whose single blank churn novelistic machine full capacity: a man driving (Joel Edgerton), a father (Michael Shannon) and, rear Alton his son a decade masked big binoculars. Within minutes of extraordinary brevity, Jeff Nichols open book in medias res the more intense lately.

There is something amazing to see filmmaker, came from independent production, the plunge of the big studio (Warner Bros.) and more comfortable conditions with a film that has the modesty and simplicity of series B. Midnight Special first fascinated by his bias drought, laconic, his way of disseminating information drop by drop, and then expand scene after scene the scope and stakes of the story.

Phosphorescence …


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