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Belgium: footprints Salah Abdeslam in the hideout Forest – Le Parisien

“It was confirmed that Salah Abdeslam footprints have been found in the Forest apartment,” said a spokesman for the federal prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt, who declined further comment “in interest of the investigation. ” According to BFM, a glass was a fingerprint, and the apartment was rented out shortly after the attacks. More categorical, M6 provides three Abdeslam fingerprints were found on a wet glass.

Salah Abdeslam would have stayed in this hideout Forest. When? Recently ? Before or after the attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis? How long ? The member found commando Paris was there there recently? In this case, that part of the two suspects who managed to escape from the apartment Tuesday. RTBF says anyway that Salah could well be one of the fugitives.

Which would mean he never left Belgium, and he managed to return … one thing is certain: it will be difficult for the forensic date these traces, to give them a seniority as they had been impossible to date the footprint found in a hideout Schaerbeek during a search in December.

Abdeslam Salah, whose brother Brahim, kamikaze Comptoir Voltaire on 13 November, was buried under surveillance Thursday, is still actively sought by all European policies. It is the element missing commandos who, on the evening of November 13, claimed the lives of 133 people.

Abdeslam, logistics of the attacks of Paris and Saint-Denis, fled after driving shooters Little Cambodia and deposited his brother Voltaire counter. He abandoned a car in the eighteenth arrondissement, which confirmed the hypothesis of a planned attack north of Paris. And two acquaintances, now indicted for terrorism, recover the dawn of November 14, in the vicinity of Chatillon (Hauts-de-Seine), south of Paris, direction Brussels.

His track is lost on November 14 in early afternoon next to a tram depot in the popular neighborhood of Schaerbeek, where his friends filed. Since then, several assumptions were made about the places he would have attended in his run. The Belgian press said he had spent three weeks, from November 14 to December 4 in Schaerbeek apartment. as mentioned in Syria or the Netherlands.

On Tuesday, when they arrived Dries street in Forest, six Belgian and French police thought the empty apartment. Electricity was cut off for several weeks, such as access to running water. But they were picked by assault rifle fire. Two men fled through the roof, a third was offset by a sniper special teams as he was reopened fire on the police.

Mohamed Belkaïd used the false name Samir Bouzid and is in all likelihood an accomplice Abdeslam and logisticians attacks in Paris. According to RTBF, he would have contacted Hasna particular, the cousin of Abaaoud, to find him a hideout and had transferred him 750 euros from Brussels.

This Algerian of 35, who have fought for EI Syria (see below), was found with a Kalashnikov and a book on Salafism. In the apartment were a flag of the Islamic State group, eleven chargers and many Kalashnikov ammunition. Two other men on the run are still being sought. Two pictures were broadcast by the Belgian authorities, those of Bakraoui brothers. Banditsime stuck at large, this is one of them who praised the Forest apartment, but there is no guarantee whether the two fugitives.

Belkaid was a candidate for suicide

According to the Flemish television channel VRT, Mohamed Belkaid, man shot dead Tuesday by the Belgian special forces in the apartment of the Forest, is on listings stolen from the EI. These documents revealed by Sky News, the authenticity of which is not certain, identify 22,000 fighters of the jihadist group that operates in Syria and Iraq. VRT could see Belkaid the plug, born in 1980. According to this document, the Algerian was 35 years alongside the EI group since April 19, 2014, he fought in Syria under the name of Abu Abdel Azziz al Jazayri. A case was wondering if he volunteered for a suicide attack, he said “yes”.

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Paris, November 13, 2015


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