Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Renaud lit Jean-Jacques Goldman and Enfoirés – The Point

In 2006, he warned in a song: “I found my gun. “” My words are sometimes grenades (…) I falter Warning / I Degomme I decimated. ” Ten years later, the singer Renaud found new targets. In its sights: Jean-Jacques Goldman and Enfoirés. In an interview with L’Express, the singer, who released a new album on April 8 before returning to the scene, gun author of “Eating the song” or “I give you.” “Never have we seen Jean-Jacques Goldman, which has such power, such talent, an injustice,” he points out, regretting the absence of authors engaged as it could be in the years 1970-1980 ( “Hexagon”, “Miss Magic” …).

“the mop of charity”

It then connects with a violent criticism Enfoirés, the annual show broadcast on TF1, which attracted in 2016 more than eleven million viewers. “The heart of Eating is good, it pays a lot of money on TV and in the association, but I did not know that injustice and poverty were the mop of charity”, tackling the singer Renaud. “That’s why I no longer involved in the issue, which, in addition, opened sportsmen, celebrities of all kinds, Jean Ormesson,” he adds. The author of “Mistral win” was a half-dozen times to the shows Enfoirés who used to buy meals for the poor.

As Renaud, other personalities snub the big event annual -you. This is the case of Eddy Mitchell, Johnny Hallyday or Florent Pagny. Renaud therefore joins this list. His position is however not new. He said a few months ago in TV Mag “The Enfoirés, it’s a big carnival circus. All show business is involved (…) We propose whenever improbable duets … I do not want to dress up as a clown to perform “La Mamma” Aznavour. “The singer, released Always up in ten days is not ready to put away his gun.


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