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Avignon 2016: the merry kicks of Olivier Py – Le Figaro

WE WERE – The 70th edition of the theater festival returns to form with a bold programming and prestigious moments like the return of the French Comedy in court Honor after twenty-five years of absence.

Yesterday in Avignon, Fabrica, a high-performance equipment, not far from the train guard this morning at the Arab world Institute (IMA) in Paris. Olivier Py himself up, with his usual eloquence, presentation of the programming of its third festival as director. Frankly, there’s something to be verbose: the shows met from 6 to 24 July are all appetizing and balances are there, among big names indisputable artists proven and unknown

So. that representations of the Jewish Halevy it comes to stage in sets and costumes for Pierre-Anndré Weitz, Opéra de Lyon, he is an artist in full knowledge its about who took the floor. We can not hide: the 2014 festival had been difficult due to strikes of the fight intermittent and very changeable weather, the 2015 festival was a bit disappointed as the opening show was not convinced: King Lear Shakespeare, directed by him, still floating. In defense of the director, recalled that he had asked a large outdoor show to Joel Pommerat who had declined the offer after a few months. But Pommerat had thought of the French Revolution: this is It will which was a huge success and will play out at the Spring comedians, rising star in the festival landscape …

the conditions are not ideal for Olivier Py and his bodyguards: Paul Rondin, Managing Director, and Agnes Troly, responsible for programming. Indeed, at the moment, the city of Avignon has not notified it will grant subsidies for the 2016 financial year the institutions of the Papal city. Questioned by us, Paul Rondin admitted that the situation is “not comfortable”. But deficits in summer 2014 were sponges and is on a sound footing as artisans festival worked -n’était this worrisome delay of the Town Hall, but there is nobody to Cultural Affairs

The festival 2016 amputee amputated a few days. But it unfolds from 6 to 24 July in a beautiful international expansion, notably with a set from the Middle East and a lot of Belgian artists.

In the past, the first day, there were the court and that’s it. The opening was solemn. Ultraélectrique the public. With some legendary casting errors: contest participants balls aisles of Oulle, for example, had some difficulty in supporting The Satin Slipper and fled noisily, minutes after the start of the performance.

Vincent Baudrillet and Hortense Archambault had desecrated this opening, offering the day and off the walls, unifying events. Olivier Py continued on this line.

This summer, July 6, starting four shows and exhibition … and not just the highly anticipated Damned by Visconti, in a directed by Ivo van Hove with the Comédie-French, who made his return after twenty-five years of absence.

the other interesting point of the program is 2016 Olivier Py, Paul Agnes Troly log and build on the long runs: the itinerant work on Aeschylus by Olivier Py himself (early versions at the Odeon and in schools from 2010), and the series is imaginary festival chronicles, 1947 … in 2086 by Piccola Familia, the troupe Thomas Jolly that, he will also present a work with students from the school of the Strasbourg National Theatre.

“I think we have succeeded to compose a balanced festival, told us Olivier Py. It will be full of many events where renowned artists such Krystian Lupa, Kirill Serebrennikov, Ivo van Hove, Angélica Liddell, Amos Gitai, youth already known, Thomas Jolly, Julien Gosselin, Jean Bellorini, Aurélien Bory, Arnaud Meunier and names emerging offer an image of creation today in Europe and beyond. “Among these, especially one sees taking shape collective time. “Raoul Collective, came to Brussels, FC Bergman, Antwerp collective that should be one of the strong moments with The Land of Nod , in Château Blanc, that we reuse this year, as the Boulbon career. Also, I wanted that the Middle East is present. It will be with the Syrian Omar Abu Saada, which features a text Mohammad Al Attar While waiting, the Iranian Amir Reza Koohestani with Hearing “added the director. dance side too, the Middle East has its place: “Ali Chahrour, Beirut, and its two programs, Fatmeh and Leila is dying, will be in the Cloister of Celestine. While the show Abdessemed, Surfaces, will be visible in the church throughout the three weeks. “

‘is the French-Algerian artist who also sign the beautiful poster publishing. On a color background “tango”, a horse – or Bim the little donkey, or a donkey of Constantine – cabriole in an invigorating kick

Warm atmosphere and plenty of discoveries: the Belgian Anne-Cécile Vandalem that written and directed. With Sorrows, which hides a political fable, it promises to amaze; as the Austrian Rainer Cornelia Lenz that rises in a setting shaped rollercoaster Court of Lycée Saint-Joseph.

In the Court of Honour, after The Damned , c is a unique evening, but theater with Hanna Schygulla (not the film) that give Amos Gitai with Yitzhak Rabin: chronicle of a murder and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet present Babel 7.16 .

At the festival, the exploits of the spectators! It was not asked about the length of Karamazov, by Jean Bellorini, Boulbon. But the adaptation of the novel by Chilean Roberto Bolano 2666 by Julien Gosselin will last twelve hours (including intermissions). This will be the Fabrica in full only. The director of Elementary Particles , worked, as he had done so, the Phoenix Valenciennes. It is for some time at Fabrica, but it will return to the north and this is where his show will be created: appointment June 18

Olivier Py has always wanted part the present. We do not forget, as the International Court in The Hague has sentenced former Bosnian Serb nationalist leader, Radovan Karadzic, to 40 years in prison, Olivier Py was part of the artists who had gone on long strike hunger for Bosnia. We do not forget that he is very committed to work towards distant major public outreach centers he works regularly in prison. He thought the festival program as a series of artistic gestures, but also political. But without speech: he trusted the poets. They come from Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Algeria. It gives them a voice.

Finally, of course, like all great summer events, the Avignon Festival will be under tight security. While it is easy to monitor the premises of the Main Courtyard at Chateau Blanc, it is less easy to monitor spontaneous gatherings in the squares. But resist, it’s going to show. In Avignon is known for 69 summers. Long live the 70th edition!

Opening of the ticket office on June 13, 2016. Off Festival July 7 to 30.


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