Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pete Doherty asked Kooples outlaw fur – Le Figaro

The former frontman of The Libertines wrote a long letter to the French brand leaders. Upset by the fate reserved to animals on fur farms, the singer chose to denounce the practices of the great name of fashion.

British singer Pete Doherty, who has collaborated in the past with Kooples, wrote to the leaders of the French brand of ready-to-wear asking them to renounce the use of fur. In a letter sent Wednesday, March 16 by the advocacy group PETA animal, the rocker said he was “shocked” and appalled by these “torture” became common in the world of fashion.

“nothing shocks me so much, but the video revelations PETA shot with a hidden camera in fur farms, have upset me,” wrote the rocker to the three co-founders of the trendy brand, which it is addressed by name .

“It is obvious that the whole life of these animals is made of torture, among tiny cages where they are locked up and their slow and painful death. And all for fashion? It’s great anything, “he added in the letter dated March 9, admitting that until he was” not focused “on the issue.

” Imagine how I stumbled naked PETA when I learned that the Kooples brand for which I proudly signed a collection, is among the latest signs that still benefit from the torture of animals ” , he continues. For if the English brand has listened to its audience in recent years, choosing to abandon the angora wool, it still sells fur from raccoons, foxes and coyotes, did not fail to specify the rocker.

Saddened and strong resolutions, Pete Doherty, in line with a Brigitte Bardot, called the big name ready-to-wear to take responsibility. “Show us that you do not kidding animal suffering by extending your decision to ban the fur of angora fur of all animals. ”

If the fur remains a noble material in the world of fashion, it nevertheless begins to banish fair podiums. Big brands and designers, including Topshop, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood have already chosen to do without, favoring so-called more natural textiles.


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